Another Shoe Drops

Aaron Walker has filed this supplement to the motion to dismiss for his clients in the Cabin Boy’s™ LOLsuit VI: The Undiscovered Krendler.

He also filed this memorandum in support of the supplement.

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  1. Schmalfeldt R Us ‏@SchmalfeldtRUs · 4h4 hours ago

    Keep Blogging from Work. How fast did they fire you last time? The same day I sent the e-mail, stupid? #CBRE #unlawfuluse

    Wonder how this is going to play out – so if you comment about Bill, you lose your job?

      • +1 on The Luggage…. A homicidal travel accessory is just the ticket for dealing with The Blab. Cohen the Barbarian, a Basilisk, and even the Dungeon Dimensions were no match for The Luggage!

  2. +5 for mentioning Baghdad Bob while discrediting Baghdad Blob. Up to page 13. Still reading. Love it.

    Ow, my LULZ… I’m coming Lulzy!

  3. Do not attempt to drink or eat while reading ECF #40.

    WOW. Excellent job detailing the child pr0n.

    I hope the fat freak gets a criminal referral for it.

    • Well, it’s not like he helped the defednants when he included Exhibishionists (sic?) 1-3 to the FAC.

      And here I was hoping he’d waste effort on a failed sad SAC.

      • Then please allow me to improve your day:

        The repeatedly cuckolded; rejected by its own children and virtually all other family members; recipient of a letter from a national charity demanding the loathsome loser immediately stop promoting and collecting donations for the charity (essentially paying the charity for the privilege of promoting them) because the fat freak damaged their brand by the association; slapped with NINE restraining orders and thereby repeatedly adjudicated stalker and harasser, including of a toddler, and a baby (Causey family); Bill Schmalfeldt of St. Francis, WI and formerly of Elkridge, MD, who abandoned two sets of children; live-tweeted its mother’s death; clearly relished graphically detailing every mortifying detail of its late wife’s suffering (including but not limited to “urine up to her armpits” and soiling herself), in the days and weeks before she died, including describing her death rattle, sending out photos of her in her underwear and near-death, and offered photos of her after death; has no doubt already wasted the effort compiling gibberish and lies it intends to present as a SAC when the almost certainly-never-gonna-happen permission to file is given by the court.

        • And you really do keep forgetting to add that he was fired by Brett “Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin from Breitbart Unmasked and yet still considers him his Pedo Hero and takes his legal advice.

          • I forgot stolen valor, too. One of these days I’m gonna have to get it all down in a doc, make sure it’s all there, and set it up as auto-text.

            The loathsome loser is so vile, it’s nearly impossible to cover all of just the lowest points in one go.

          • There won’t be any links until/unless the judge lifts the moratorium and the fat freak files it.

            The dementia-addled drunkenstein appears to be so humiliated by its own inability to prepare an even semi-coherent pleading that it stopped posting its pleadings online some time ago.

          • I think Doh! was looking for links to all the items in your litany (do Cults have litanies?), not to Drunkenstein’s sad SAC.

          • It’s all been linked many times, but maybe some newer followers of this haven’t seen them all, or don’t have time to check the archives.

            Pick three, and I’ll post the links or describe the sources. Some, like rejected by family and children, are multiple tweets and blog posts, so can’t be easily linked.

  4. Wow. I’d complain that it could have been condensed into one simple phrase from RSMcCain — “the best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt” — but damn, what was frigging awesome.

    The only thing I didn’t notice was the citations and quotes from BS that included words to the effect of “(archived edition; Plaintiff has deleted the original files/accounts/web pages/documents.”)

  5. OH M GEE That was brutal. Very well done by Aaron. The part about the child pron was just perfect. Either he says he isn’t a vile child pornographer, which means the comment doesn’t apply to him, or he admits he is a vile child pornographer (paraphrasing). I just love that argument!

  6. Aaron disemboweled Willie, and Willie’s entrails are now spread over half the state of Wisconsin.

    PSA Annoucement: All Wisconsin drivers are advised to avoid I-94, as several 18 wheeler have slid and slammed into guardrails after sliding on unidentified entrails of a fat unidentified source.

    Way to Go Aaron!!!

    • About a decade ago, a tanker truck full of animal fat spilled on the highway. P&G ended up supplying a tanker truck full of Dawn to clean it up.

      Wisconsin is going to need a convoy of bleach tankers.

  7. Follow up: I read the entire document, except the exhibits, I don’t need to read Billy’s perverted homoerotic fantasy involving young Cub Scouts.

    Do you think the Judge will be impressed by Billy’s writing style and subject matter?

    • “Judge Joseph’s career began as a State Public Defender for the juvenile courts where she worked on behalf of children requiring CHIPS, Children in Need of Protection or Services, advocacy.”

      Yeah, she’ll TOTALLY see the same humor in Schmalfeldt’s child-rape re-enactments as Billy does!

    • I love how their anti-semitism so easily slips off their tongues.

      “@AaronWorthing is living proof you don’t have to be #Jewish to be a #schmuck. (but it helps)”

      • As easy as Bill’s racism allows him to identify people by the “African tinge” in their voice, or by calling Ali “boy”. SMH, the people that claim they are the most tolerant are the biggest bigots of all.

          • Yeah. Like this one.


            Be Biblical and STILL Hate the Poor and Darkies!

            By Bill Schmalfeldt

            An Angel of God delivered a NEW SACRED TEXT to me one recent night when my medications were not working. I have spent much time translating them into a NEWLY-REVEALED WORD of GOD! It worked for the Mormons, so I’m hoping YOU will buy into it as well! READ how all that “love thy neighbor” stuff is BUNK! READ how all that “whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers” crap is CRAP! Now you CAN climb up the ladder of success by stepping on the faces of others AND still call yourself Christian — and do it LEGITIMATELY! Wanna see HOW? Watch the video. « less

    • Yeah, I’m sure that being called a schmuck by the confederate of a violent criminal and a child porn fan is a real stinging insult.

    • I notice that this comment didn’t say Aaron was incorrect.

      He’s only saying that while Bill’s LOLSuit may have been a poorly thought out piece of trash that never should have seen the light of day, Aaron didn’t have to be a dick about dismantling it.

  8. I was thinking, Geez, Aaron! 154 pages? Verbose much?!

    But then I remembered. Once you’re in court, you have to [REDACTED. Don’t educate the Drunkenstein.]

  9. I particularly like how Aaron has turned DF’s use of all manner of alter ego’s and sock persona’s against him. Guess its not about you unless you admit that this character actually did these stupid terrible things then you are defamation proof.

    • Kyle

      That’s an excellent point, one I have been thinking about since I read the supplement for the first time.

      Under normal circumstances, the complaint would have been drafted well enough that the defense would not have applied, but Willie, not being very bright, forgot that all his fun and games on the Internet would need to be carefully explained. When the topic is the author of an anonymously written book, it is going to take a bit of work to show that comments about someone anonymous could possibly have damaged the reputation of anyone, particularly anyone who claimed not to be the author. I’m not saying such a showing cannot be made, but I greatly doubt Willie has the skill to make it.

      Under semi-normal circumstances, an amended complaint could simply pick examples where it was clear that the statements alleged to be defamatory referred to the plaintiff. But I am not sure the court will admit a third amended complaint (assuming it permits the proposed second amended complaint) when the plaintiff has already argued that defendants’ counsel is too incompetent to answer any complaint.

      Of course these are abnormal circumstances. I suspect I know why so much effort was devoted to this layer of a multi-layered defense, but discussing that might educate someone so let’s keep silent on that topic.

  10. “Threadbare recitals of the elements of a cause of action, supported by mere conclusory statements, do not suffice” (Quoted at page 12).

    Now THAT would make an awesome coffee-cup quote!

  11. Section E makes intriguing substantive reading. I hope Aaron CC’d a copy of this brief to Randazza, who, I think, would have some interesting views about that part (especially pp. 19-24).

  12. Hey Aaron, if you see this:

    That Pro Bono work is damn fine advertising. If you handle Illinois law, I will have you on my short list of lawyers to contact should a situation arise that involves litigation. I also grant you a year long exemption from any lawyer jokes I tell…

    And to the Cabin Boy, I would rather pay for Aaron’s advice than be paid to have any part of Team Kimberlin advise me. If Aaron is unemployed, you are and shall always be unemployable.

  13. My favority favoritis is when some idiot tries to explain to a judge that skits about kids having sex, being raped is okay, cause its complicated

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