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Continuing with our series of Team Kimberlin’s failures to properly adhere to the Nine Principles of Warfare in its campaign of lawfare, let’s consider surprise.

Surprise – Strike the enemy at a time or place or in a manner for which he is unprepared. Surprise can decisively shift the balance of combat power. By seeking surprise, forces can achieve success well out of proportion to the effort expended. Surprise can be in tempo, size of force, direction or location of main effort, and timing. Deception can aid the probability of achieving surprise.

—U. S. Army FM 3-0

I haven’t been kidding when I’ve said that everything was proceeding as I have foreseen. Kimberlin’s actions have been very predictable, and that has enabled his opponents to catch him by surprise. Consider this filing that Aaron Walker made a few days ago in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.

CAUTION—If you are using an irony meter, its input attenuator should be set for minimum sensitivity. Hogewash! cannot be responsible for damage caused by improper safety precautions.

Many of Kimberlin’s games with service of court papers have had the appearance of sloppy attempts to set up default judgments such as he received in his suit against Seth Allen. Now, he may have defaulted.

Kimberlin may have thought that his motion for summary judgment stopped the clock running on the time to file an answer to Aaron’s complaint. However, Maryland Rules 2-322 and 2-323 don’t include such a motion on the list of appropriate motions.


22 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • He will have a lot of free time this year. His and Neal’s little scam to pick up Democrat black ops money failed. He’s poison.

    • There are state courts where you can file a motion for summary judgement in lieu of an answer, and you can do that in Federal court. Strange he wouldn’t follow Maryland rules.

      Didn’t he have his failure to state a claim arguments addressed already? I don’t see how repeating them would extend his time to give an answer.

  1. And to think, somewhere in Wisconsin there is a man, who after seeing his Pedo leader’s ass kicked in court numerous times, still takes his marching orders and legal advice from him. They may be a certain low cunning commen to pedophiles and other types of criminals among the members of Team Pedo, but there certainly is a distinct lack of common sense and intelligence.

  2. Two things prevent she Short Eyes Squad from achieving surprise. The first is the blabbermouth tendencies of the member who acts like Ahab, but looks like Moby. The second is that Short3 always tries to be ‘cute’ trying to habitually circumvent the law instead of working within its rules. Not only is he predictable, but he also runs afoul of precedents to handle this sort of nonsense written decades ago. But he thinks he’s clever and so will try those stunts yet again.

  3. Kimberlin’s dinner:
    One large crow, well-roasted in the fires of Brett’s impotent rages and seasoned with irony.

    Eat up, you creepy terrorist bastard.

  4. I’m waiting for the “But I’m just an ignorant pro se. What do I know about calendars? Besides, I was assaulted. And it was imputed on a SNOW DAY!”

    • I expect that Kimberlin will attempt to file a raving incoherent screed filled with irrelevant nonsense complete with affidavits outlining the medicinal foot powders he has to use to recover from his stumbling.

      I’m psychic, you know.

  5. The timing of filings (when does the clock start, what stops it, what resets it, what starts it back up, when can a judge rule before filings are due) is one area where I have had a ton of questions, but don’t dare ask for fear of edumakating the idjits.

  6. “Your Honor, I was using a Julian calendar, not a Gregorian one!” chants the Pipsqueak Pro-Se, as the Default Judgment is read out.

  7. Interesting rule in Maryland. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t practice there. I would have thought the MSJ would have stayed the time due for a response.

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