Legal LULZ Du Jour

I see the Cabin Boy™ is already attempting to try the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit on the Internet. That’s pure foolishness. All he is doing is showing me how he might defend against my claims which allows me to improve my case.

Of course, he’s thoroughly, totally, and utterly wrong in his imagined defense. I’ll cite one example. He thinks that it was wrong for me to use a thumbnail of a book cover (the authorship of which he was denying at the time) associated with a Amazon purchase link here at Hogewash!. That’s a licensed use of the image.

I don’t plan to make any further public comment on Schmalfeldt’s bizarre assertions concerning this matter.

56 thoughts on “Legal LULZ Du Jour

  1. It’s sad to see dementia destroy a mind, leaving the patient unable to think or reason.

    OTOH, when dementia affects a depraved and loathsome loser whose ability to reason has always been subpar, it can be hilarious.

    • I know he claims to have dementia, but after watching that clown for years he seems to be functioning at the same level he always was. I think this is a case of someone being so abjectly stupid that they would rather people think it’s caused by dementia rather then admitting to their stupidity.

      • Just like his Parkinson’s Disease… Symptoms seem to come and go depending on how much sympathy he is begging for… In MD he forced Gail to run all his errands, but in WI he seems perfectly able to mail letters himself…

        The term in the Navy is Malingering, and that seems to be Teh Blab’s only life-skill….

      • The Parkinson’s is bee ess. Deb Frisch used to claim “Tourettes” in a useless attempt to evade responsibility for her foul threatening behavior. Billy seems to be using his so-called “Parkinson’s” as a similar responsibility-shield.

        OTOH, it’s pretty funny to see Billy react when his admitted diminished “executive function” is put to proper use, as Aaron has in LOLSUIT VII (is that the right chapter?)

        • Actually, I believe the Parkinson’s claim. One of the effects of Parkinson’s, according to an Oliver Sacks book a friend of mine was quoting to me (can’t remember which book or I’d go look it up), is the inability to initiate behavior, or changes in behavior. The example given in the book was of a person with Parkinson’s at a party. If you went over and talked to her, she could carry on an intelligent conversation. But if you leave her alone, it will never occur to her to walk over to you and start the conversation, even though she would have liked to talk to you.

          I see a similar pattern with Bill Schmalfeldt. He seems to be not just unwilling, but unable, to change his behavior. And that, more than anything else, is what makes me believe his claim to have Parkinson’s.

  2. He just can’t help himself. He MUST use the court of Teh Interwebz to TRY ALL THE CASES! That’s where the echo chamber is the strongest for him, obviously.

    Somehow I don’t think that’s going to work out for him the way he thinks. Again.

    • Hoge’s complaint states that BS “fled” Maryland. Seems that struck a nerve. Personally, if I were a member of Acme Law, I’d be wondering who spilled what to Hoge. But that’s just me.

      • He did leave in all haste, that’s for certain. And it does seem to be a touchy subject for him. Hmmm. Interesting.

        • He jumped on a train with what he could carry. Being 1110000% disabled, that wasn’t much. He certainly didn’t waste any time beating feet.

          • I half expect Scooby Doo to reach up and pull off a mask, because no one can be that unrealistically stupid.

            And he does seem to think he could have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for a bunch of meddlesome kids.

          • I detest that twerp when he calls us children or kids or some other term alluding to us a being less than thinking adults, people that need to be shushed up. I am only a couple of months younger and much more intellectually mature than Bill will ever be. Since I started walking the narrow way of redemption, I have achieved several seminary degrees, incardination into the Patriarch’s personal jurisdiction, etc. These things are beyond Bill’s capability to understand. HE is the intellectual child in this equation. Sucks to be Bill.

        • “Left like the law or the hounds of hell was after him.”

          OK, someone has to say “embrace the power of AND,” so it might as well be me.

  3. Is he actually capable of “pure” foolishness? Doesn’t he taint every thing he touches?
    Let’s just say that he is committing contaminated and non-potable foolishness.

  4. Well, someone is certainly rattled:
    You know what’s really helpful about that blog post? Bill admits that he stole Hoge’s material. I’d better buy more popcorn, because by the end of this, he’ll be admitting all sorts of things, to the dismay of his co-defendants.

    • That blog post should have put a smile on Mr. Hoge’s face, a big admission in it.

      …he’ll be admitting all sorts of things, to the dismay of his co-defendants.

      He already has.

  5. Someone once wrote the phrase “your (beep) belongs to Maryland”. Wonder how funny they think that is now

  6. He is now claiming ownership of the “Lynn Thomas Unmasked” blog.
    He is currently suing Ash for using his name in the title of her blog.
    Hypocrisy, thy name is SSchmalfeldt (not a typo-he spells it that way).

        • No wonder Billy thinks every email he gets is from Krendler. Projection + Billy’s own sockpuppeting behavior. (Hint to Billy: You’ve made more enemies than you think. A LOT more.)

      • And the stupid flows like wine in the comment section.

        The only people I know who describe things in alcoholic terms are alcoholics, because their lives revolve around it. HIC!

  7. This is just awesome. I finished a bag of chips and some Dr. Pepper, now I’m moving on to popcorn!
    1. In his latest web droppings, linked above, Bill claims that John violated the settlement agreement by posting a page from a blog by “Anonymous.” That Hogwash post was dated 3 November 2015.
    2. Bill denied authorship of the book.
    3. It was not until November 23, almost THREE WEEKS after the Hogwash post, that Bill admitted authorship, here: (he also admits that he is Krendler in this link)

    Guess what? There is a legal doctrine known as detrimental reliance. That means if you lie to someone, and they rely on that lie, you cannot hold them responsible for the consequences.

    (Posted this in the wrong spot before)

  8. The lies just keep on coming!
    “I decided to leave Maryland shortly after Gail died. It took almost two months of planning. I had to wait for her death certificate and her ashes. I had to find a place to live before moving. There was time and planning involved. But if it’s fun to pretend I “fled” because “I so skairt of Hoggy,” knock yourselves out.”

    Mmmm, NOPE!

    “Monday, July 6, 2015 ~5:30 PM PODCAST

    2:49 I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying right here, in my home, this beautiful home that Gail made for us. And I’m going to give the forces of darkness precisely what they ask for.
    45:00 And, once again, I’ve given serious thought to this, and -. Remember when I was talking about moving’ – nah, nah, nah, shush – Remember when I was talkin’ about moving out of state and starting all over again, either in Wisconsin or Iowa? I’ve decided against that. I’m gonna stay right here. Gonna stay put. This is the house that Gail made for us. She made it beautiful, she made it a show place. Anyhow, from the outside, it looks like your simple white trailer, but here on the inside she’s, she’s, taken a lot of time, money, and effort to turn this into a very pretty little trailer and, quite frankly, why move half way across the country when I don’t need to. Everything I need’s right here. I got a good roommate, my stepson. I take care of the dogs during the day. Everything works out. We split the expenses right down the middle. All is well.”

    David Edgren included this podcast transcript as part of his challenge to Bill’s IFP application, IIRC. It is soooooo helpful to have things in court documents already, isn’t it?

    It was only after David kicked Bill’s backside to kingdom come that BS decided to pick up his skirts and flee. It’s all in the vault. Years and years worth. Katie has the keys.

    • “We split the expenses right down the middle”

      Isn’t that the admission against interest that opened the floodgates against Teh Blab’s IFP application?

      Lying Liars gotta lie, I guess..

      • The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt hearts himself some admissions against interest.

        Along with freely admitting on his 7/6/15 podcast that he had lied on his IFP application to the court, a 10/27/14 Twitter conversation resurfaced, as well.

        Unlike BS, Team Lickspittles’ memories are long, and are readily supported with evidence.

    • What I’ll never get is why Billy would vomit every tiny detail of his fetid brain onto the internet, KNOWING that people will screencap it and use it later to expose his lies, mendacity, tortious acts, criminal behavior, etc.

      Then again, Deb Frisch had the same transparent stupid-streak, so it’s not a total shock anymore.

    • Katie bar the door!

      Where did this day go? Phone. Stunned person on MUNI, hoping to get across town and catch my train. Nowhere near my employer’s equipment, sorry, Bill, I know how much that contributes to your chronic butthurt.

  9. Is the CBBS emailing viral documents now? Watch out and protect your inbox.
    “I hereby submit the following notarized statement that you are a jackass. Signed: Bite Me”

    • As soon as he ID’s me, I’ll keep an eye out.

      Ooops, he did. Apparently I’m in Illinois. He may or may not be correct. But I do shop at Woodman’s Grocery.

      • “I don’t know the meaning of the word ‘surrender.’ I mean, I know what it means, I’m not dumb, just not in this context.”

        The Tick, Super-Hero and GS-13 writer

    • Gee I can’t think of any reason for a “F”OB to want to cook up a pretext to continue harassing residents of Dallas, can you?

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