10 thoughts on “Logins

    • Oh. And, like demands that illnesses, diseases, and deaths should not be mentioned, discussed, nor joked about in an insulting manner? Like this?

      “Breitbart, in effect, told his minions — “Something must be done about this Kimberlin fellow.” Then, his drug and alcohol-abused heart stopped beating and the world became a slightly better place.”

      “Waging a Two-Front War… ”

      Hypocrite — Thy name is the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt.

    • Bill believes so much that isn’t so … he is a permanent resident of the pretendy land for stupid liberals (but I repeat myself). Repent Bill, ask God to open to you the gates of repentance.

    • I wonder if JustAnswers or Avvo have affirmed Bill’s interpretation of the law?

      I suppose it depends on how he framed the question.

      • “Suppose my name was Kentucky Fried Chicken. Would KFC be able to sue if someone used my name to make zillions of moneys?”

  1. Actually, yes, yes she can. Butthurt is not a cause for repressing Free Speech. It might be better for her to rename the blog DFsez to avoid confusion of others with similar names to the unhappy, ‘persecuted’ DF.

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