Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

In yesterday’s TKPOTD I mentioned that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin had asked the Court of Special Appeals to reconsider it’s denial of his appeal of his loss in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit. The court has denied his motion for reconsideration. It also has mandated that Kimberlin must pay court costs.

Perhaps the financial consequences of these court costs will give TDPK pause and cause him to carefully consider where he wants to file another frivolous appeal.

46 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. What’s the blue book value of a Prius with sagging springs on the passenger side? Asking for a guy a little short, of cash.

  2. Can somebody tell us what the odds are for those costs being paid by Kimberlin. What are the best methods to force him to pay?

    This might be better discussed elsewhere, away from Team Kimberin. D;

  3. No, look at the bottom of the orders. It says that this mandate is between counsel and NOT this office. But since there are about 50 highly motivated individuals, I’m sure this will be a long battle.

    • That is the clerk who doesn’t want his office involved. The court, after a reasonable period of time- say 30 days- will be only too glad to give you an order reducing it to judgment. Some courts will even go the extra mile and hold a show cause hearing. As noted above, a well-prepared for Judgment-Debtor Examination (at least that’s what we call ’em in Alaska) would be worth its weight in FUN. I saw a judge make a guy who was proving difficult in such a hearing take off a Rolex watch once and hand it over to the prevailing party. Such hearings also give you the right to a mini-discovery as to assets, bank accounts, other financial information and the like. Highly recommended.

  4. I can vaguely understand the loser paying the winner directly, but who gets those other fees?

    How can the court not be involved here?

      • I actually intended the “you” as a general “you”, in the sense of “you ain’t seen nothing yet” or “you know that warm, tingly feeling you get when you see a diminutive terrorist get his ass handed to him?” But that totally didn’t come across the way I wrote it. And I don’t have either alcohol or Parkinson’s to blame.

        Guess it’s bed time.

    • Oh I thinksome of the defendants would be VERY happy if he declines to pay and thus gives the defendants to opportunity to have the courts examine the non-profits’ books.

      The smart move (so he won’t make it) is to pay them as fast as he can and keep that recipt ofp[ayment close to his balck little heart.

    • I just added up the numbers myself, and found that the f$ing cockroach beat me to it.

      Worse, I missed a line and the f$ing cockroach got it.

      Here, I’ll educate the midget further.

      Page 2: $1918.52
      Page 3: $1221.20
      Page 4: $604.80

      That comes to the grand total of (as the f$ing cockroach noted) comes to $3,744.52.

    • That’s 20% of his–before taxes–“official yearly income”. No more trips to Nashville or Hawaii vacation this year.

      • Business expense. His front organizations can have a conference with their big donors in Guam if he wants. Of course, he might pick Cuba instead, so he can asylum with the cop killer and make beautiful musak together.

  5. Wow. Payable to the court, no less.

    Will the sawed-off pedo bomber actually be so stupid as to (redacted — don’t want to educate the midget), like has done in the past?

    Or would it be stupider of him to simply refuse to pay it, as he has done in the past?

    There’s only one way for the sawed-off pedo bomber to avoid making things even worse for him, and I really don’t see him doing that.

    Please keep us posted…

  6. Bet he pays nothing. Maybe we find a judge then entering an order stopping him from filing a new lawsuit until he pays up. All it takes are judges with chutzpah.

    • It would take unmitigated gall for a judge to issue fines to upstanding citizens who will dutifully pay them while neglecting to take any efforts to collect similar fines issued to Brett Kimberlin.

      What we need are Judges with some stones.

    • I believe that since he is the appellant, he has already paid the appellant’s costs, just to get into court.

      Next is a letter demanding payment.

      Judgment debtor exam requiring production of records of non-profits.

      And a motion for security of costs in all open cases and any new cases.

      • MD Rules, Rule 8-611
        RULE 8-611. ENFORCEMENT
        (a) By Appellate Court. The appellate court may enforce its judgment by appropriate order.
        (b) By Trial Court. After the clerk of the trial court enters the mandate on the docket: (1) a party entitled to costs under the mandate may file a motion in the trial court specifying the amount of costs due and requesting that a judgment in that amount be entered by the trial court and that it be recorded and indexed as provided by Rule 2-601(c); (2) the judgment of the appellate court is enforceable by process issued by the trial court; and (3) the judgment of the trial court may be recorded in another court and enforced by process issued by that other court pursuant to the rules applicable to an original judgment of the trial court.

  7. I would like Mr. Edgren suggests get it written to a judgement in the future. Then put a lien on his Mother’s home and any other property associated with his non-profit. A lien on his mother’s home would prevent any judgment proof shenanigans he tries when his mother passes away like transferring the title to one of his daughters or wife.

    I think and I’m not a lawyer courts would entertain paying off his judgement on any such future transfers of title. Like Mr. Edgren suggest a Judgment-Debtor examination would be fun. He has also co-mingled non profit funds paying postage for personal lawsuits if I remember correct?

  8. I predict he’ll pay it just to keep anyone from looking into his finances too closely. Then JTMP will have a spike in costs.

        • My lawyer is owned $600 in sanctions for work performed because of Kimberlin’s failure to properly cooperate with discovery in Kimberlin v. Walker, et al.. Payment is over a year-and-a-half past due. He is also owed $150 for time spent coming to a hearing where Kimberlin failed to appear in the Kimberlin v. National Bloggers Club case. Payment is over six months past due.

          • I understand the need to give someone enough rope to hang themselves, but this looks like enough rope that the impact with the bottom of the canyon is what’s gonna do him in….

          • I’m not sure on this. Brett Kimberlin The Speedway Bomber has gotten away with a lot. He’s lied, forged documents, abused process and refused to pay when sanctioned. Courts don’t seem to mind.

            Reckon we’ll see. At some point later-

            But maybe not.

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