I win.

Judge Mason granted my motion to dismiss in the Kimberlin v. National Bloggers Club (II), et al. RICO Retread LOLsuit. The dismissal is with prejudice.

The judge also granted (with prejudice) the motions to dismiss from Dan Backer and DB Capitol Service and from Lee Stranahan.

I’m sitting in the courthouse cafeteria with Lee Stranahan and Aaron Walker having a celebratory cup of coffee. I’ll post more details this afternoon.

82 thoughts on “Qapla’

  1. Maybe Cabin Boy, Bunny Boy and Puppy Boy can now realize that their lives are being whittled away, both time and money.

    Even if someone else is paying for the costs of their efforts for Kimberlin, the trade-off is that their time could be spent doing their own work, making their own money, and spending their time on their own endeavors instead of on Kimberlin’s.

  2. This is all way, way too premature. It isn’t official until two things pass:

    1) Bunnyboy Unread posts it, as promised.

    2) We get a cartoon from that f$ing cockroach.

    Until then, we wait. We can be optimistic for now, but remember it’s all still tentative.

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  4. It has already been said, but my sincerest congratulations. As in life generally, Team Kimberlin fails at litigation. You do have to wonder why people would look for legal guidance from someone who spent a material percentage of his adult life behind bars.

  5. I see that Unca Biwwy is now going after Lee again because he claims Lee said stuff in court today which wasn’t true. UB does seem determined to grab thorough-defeat from the jaws of not-quite-so-thorough-defeat whenever possible.

  6. Or what? What is said in court is PRIVILEGED. No defamation, even if it happened, and even if were not true. But, of course, everyone knows the truth.

    • Does Acme Law think these things through? At all?

      1. Whatever Lee said in court is privileged and immune from a defamation lawsuit.
      2. John has the audio.
      3. BS does not and he was not there.
      4. Nevertheless, BS is issuing ultimatums to Lee, complete with doom clock.
      5. By one or two accounts, the hearing could be viewed as embarrassing to BK, but since I was not there, I have no comment or opinion on that. Contrast my behavior to 3 and 4, above.
      6. Does Acme Law really want the transcripts posted on line in response to BS’s latest shenanigans?

      They are their own worst enemies.

    • This is also the guy who sues people claiming that they are “tormenting” him by allegedly writing about his late wife, yet he posts stuff like this: “…Then, his drug and alcohol-abused heart stopped beating and the world became a slightly better place. …”

      • That comment was about Andrew Breitbart, who left behind a widow and four kids. Apparently, their feelings don’t matter.

    • For the record, I do not believe Hoge vs Team Evil is, or should be, in the LOLsuit series. While I hope for plenty of LOLs, at the end, I do not expect anywhere near the side splitting stupidity of the LOLsuit series. At least not by the Plaintiff.

      As for LOLsuit 7: Degenerations, I would have said 3 days after LOLsuit 6: The Undiscovered Krendler is dismissed, but that’s just P.G. talking (according to Bill, in a sworn court document. I am mocking Bill Schmalfeldt, failed pro se par excellance, I am _not_ claiming to identify myself either truly or sarcastically. But if I were, it would be sarcastically.) But that was before he flushed the money for the initial filing, and the failed service “attempts” (snerk – he sent the wrong complaint?!) and Aaron’s time (hopefully lots and lots of time!) That’s a lot of JWR down the drain.

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