27 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At the Federal Courthouse in Greenbelt …

  1. Too bad Scrbd charges. Not worth it to me. Yet I love reading about the left wing bullies

    • The whole document was free. Some mobile devices require you to use the Scribd app, but you don’t have to pay to use it.

      • It’s funny, I can view full documents on my iPad for free with no problem, but if I want to view them on my iPhone, I have to pay. Weird, huh?

  2. Heh…personally, I would have led with “BK forged a subpoena?!” but that’s just me.

    Guess it’s not nearly as interesting after watching him forge green cards, summons, etc…

  3. So after having it patiently explained to him by a judge he still screws up on serving a corporation. I think it was deliberate because the tiny pedo just has to cheat even when following the rules would be to his advantage. It’s like Schmalfeldt and lying. It’s like they can’t help themselves.

  4. The Chamber urges this Court to quash Plaintiff’s subpoena for five separate and independent reasons:
    first, the subpoena is untimely;
    second, the subpoena was not properly served;
    third, the subpoena was not properly issued;
    fourth, the subpoena is facially defective; and,
    fifth, the subpoena seeks information that is not relevant to the only claim remaining in this case.

    Other than that, it is perfectly fine.

  5. I mean what’s Frey’s problem. There’s only 5, FIVE, four plus 1, 50% of 10, things wrong with it. He’s just being hypertechnical again.


  6. The Chamber has made the mistake of following the RCP rather than the rules of Hazel. Under the RCP, service was improper, and The Chamber pointed that fact out to the Court. Under Hazel, they were “aware” of the subpoena, that is all that matters. The proper response under Hazel was to do nothing, noting the insufficiency of process if subsequently challenged.

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