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Too little, too late. I received this in the mail yesterday. It hasn’t appeared on PACER. It is dated three days after Judge Hazel dismissed the RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit with prejudice.

It’s also interesting that Kimberlin’s letter to Judge Berger, which is dated two days earlier than this “Notice,” does not appear on the case docket for the U. S. v. Blankenship.


UPDATE—Corrected the delay between the dismissal of the case and the date of the Notice.

36 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. This smacks of desperate and deceptive machinations. I doubt his testimony in any form was solicited. He couches contact in language guage that I suspect is designed to conceal him pestering and offering to supply a letter…(with the sly agenda of resurrecting his doomed suit.)

  2. I see nothing that proves he was in fact specifically asked to testify. I’m betting it’s another example of his perjury.

  3. “My employer has been attacked and threatened with ruin unless I am fired”
    Which employer would that be?

  4. Oh Dear God, my lulz muscles are still sore from Schmalfeldt..

    Re-reading the opinion, none of this even matters, and technically, he still hasn’t testified in a judicial proceeding, and still failed to show any harm by the conspiracy with his fact-less conclusory diatribe.

    He will try to use this on appeal, my guess. Just go ahead and do it. I need more popcorn anyway. And more lulz bandages.

  5. “hair raising illegal scheme”

    “Greek Goddess of Devine Justice”

    The man is a fricking idiot.

  6. The man is a legend in his own mind.

    This is a truly twisted tale concocted by a warped and twisted mind.

    This guy should be a senior advisor on Clinton’s campaign and maybe he is in his twisted little universe.

  7. Waiting for another memorandum that requests more time to forge evidence

    And they say Acme law is breaking new ground

  8. So BK launches a major campaign against the Chamber, and Blankenship’s attorney responds with a letter to the editor of Daily Kos? And that’s some sort of criminal undertaking?

  9. Now his next magical trip (in possibly the pharmacological sense) is trying to contort reality into how anyone conspired to keep him from “testifying” from this oh-so important case so he can fake a RICO predicate act.

  10. Appearances on national TV? If the Pedo Terrorist had been appearing on national TV wouldn’t one of his many scam charity websites be filled with clips of these interviews? More than likely his “appearances” are him jumping up and down in the background like a little kid trying to get his face on TV while a reporter was doing a story on location somewhere.

  11. Since no one else has asked, did the letter have the correct postage and services, or did the Tiny Terrorist skimp on proper service again?

  12. I wonder if technically this document was ever a court document. Otherwise, it’s defamation.

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