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53 thoughts on “Logins

    • Not really. Bill is as good at figuring out sock puppets as he is at lawfare. In other words, he sucks. Two people make the same typo? One person quotes another? Two people use the same two words in the same order years apart? SOCK PUPPETS!!11!!! GRADY IS KRENDLER! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!

      Yeah, he really is that much of an idiot.

    • Surprise to me.

      Prove it, Cuz.

      Yet another faildoxxing from my stupid cousin.

      I know I’m not Grady, and, since I know Krendler’s real identity (I proved it once, remember?), I know I’m not Krendler, and I know Krendler is not Grady, either.

      Bill, yer barking up the wrong tree. But go ahead, I’m amused.

      • And there is SO MUCH DISPOSITIVE MATERIAL on the tubes…

        I kind of want to give him a little love tap with a Sawzall oops, a ball-peen hammer nope, a baseball bat no, that’s been done to death (whoops!), maybe a haircut with a weedwhacker.

        He’ll look better no matter how it turns out!

      • Hey, don’t forget –


        Does this mean it was me all along, and by suing Grady last year, he had Roy from the very beginning?

        I’m going to stop thinking about this stuff…I might get dizzy and stroke out.

  1. There are days that I think the only one on here that isn’t Patrick Grady is… me. I think.

    I’ve never fully understood why he thinks that Krendler is anyone else. For that matter, how is he so sure that he’s a person that within his reach legally? Krendler could, literally, be anyone on the planet, living anywhere in the world.

    • “Krendler could, literally, be anyone on the planet, living anywhere in the world.” <– Zombies aren't living anywhere.

    • Can anyone straighten me out? I thought that since the copyright office (the feds) says that Scdhmaldfeldtd is Krendler, and now we’re back to Grady is Krendler or Krendler is Grady and thereby teh Big BM is Grady.

    • Oh how I loved that Feldtchart. It really did encapsulate the sheer magnitude of Bill Schmalfeldt’s stupidity. Only a 3 year old, or Bill, would produce a flow chart with multiple YES legs out of one decision box.

  2. Oh my God he is such a bore!! Bill, those you seek to oppose are MUCH smarter than you. They will not make the same type of mistakes you make on a daily basis. So good luck on your efforts to force a mistake. Now on with the show:

    Hey Bill, give us an update on the “investigation” by the District Attorney’s Office up there in Wisconsin. Has the detective you met with called back with any questions about this slam dunk case? Have they convened a Grand Jury panel to analyze the evidence you provided? When are you scheduled to testify? Will you eat a Ham Sandwich before or after you testify to the Grand Jury? Oh wait..

    We’re all Krendler

  3. OK,OK OK please stop. I admit it, I’m Grady, I’m Roy, I’m Hoge, I’m Jane, I’m Bob, I’m Doh! But I am not Krendler!!! By the way WJJHoge Congrats on another win, or should I say team Buthurt fail..

  4. Okay, I believe it is now time to spill the beans.

    Sorry Paul, but I have to do this… Paul Krendler is……… wait for it…..

    John Gault!

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