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My, my, but the Cabin Boy™ is forgetful.RD201603301701ZLast year, he filed LOLsuit V: The Final in Maryland. In his amended complaint he alleged that Grady was Paul Krendler. See Schmalfeldt v. Grady, et al., Case No. 15-CV-1241-RDB (D.Md. July 2, 2015), ECF No. 13, ¶ 3. Subsequently, he dismissed that LOLsuit with prejudice. See ECF No. 45. The dismissal occurred on 17 August, 2015.

res_judicata_tshirtThis brings up one of my favorite bits of legal Latin—res judicata. IANAL, but I’ve been given to understand that the 17 August, 2015, dismissal with prejudice is a finding on the merits in the defendants’ favor and that the Cabin Boy™ is barred from making the same allegations again based on anything that occurred on or before that date. Thus, none of the “evidence” he thinks he has that is more that about 7-1/2-months old can be used to “prove” his theory that Grady is Krendler.

popcorn4bkMoreover, since the August dismissal, the Cabin Boy™ has publicly stated that he is Paul Krendler, and he has filed a copyright registration application claiming ownership of some of Krendler’s writings. While it’s entirely possible that Bill Schmalfeldt was lying when he said he was Krendler, … well. I just leave that thought wondering how the Copyright Office might deal with a false application.

If Bill Schmalfeldt really is stupid enough to file another LOLsuit against Grady, it will be interesting to watch him try to explain that application for copyright application to a judge and … I was going to type “and a jury,” but it would never get that far.

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  1. Am I the only one who has noticed that Drunkenstein hasn’t mentioned Lulzsuit VI in awhile? Don’t worry, I’m sure he’s as confident as he was when he filed it in December!

    • He also seems to have forgotten about the Milwaukee County District Attorney for some reason…seems like just yesterday he was declaring doom on me or whoever me really is.

      Oh, wait…it actually was yesterday.

      Anybody ever hear what happened with that?

      • It’s no mystery why you haven’t heard more. PAUL KRENDLER is an anagram of REPELL A DRUNK.

        (Sure, there’s an extra “L” in “REPELL” but it’s not like someone who can’t spell his own name right in a court filing is going to notice that…)

    • It’s not fun anymore, since the Judge shutdown his paperwork stream, and he missed the important filing deadlines, so Cousin Bill is on to other “ventures”, like screeching that Roy, Paul, Pat, Howard, and who knows who else, are all the same person.

      History repeats itself, and so does my addled Cousin.

    • Forgetting past failures are symptoms of Egotistical Masochists.
      Just forget all those FAILED lawsuits, forget all (NINE) ROs that he has against him, forget the stupid statement about taking a threatening picture of a cute kitty in a sweater to the local police and DA. No, he has to think of the future, the future of more failures in his fight against all that is GOOD.

      The Butthurt is strong with this one.

  2. A quote I came across today:

    “Without Stupid People We Would Have No One To Laugh At; Take Time To Thank a Stupid Person For Their Contribution.”

    Thank you, Bill Schmalfeldt.

    • If the loathsome loser only inflicted its unbelievable depths of stoooooopid on the world, I’d agree. Sadly, the fat freak is also malicious.

  3. John, I don’t think your understanding is quite correct. None of the evidence from more than seven-and-a-half can be used to prove that Patrick defamed Bill Schmalfeldt.

    So now he’s whining about the photo of the [redacted]…the photo BILLY took and BILLY emailed to God knows how many people.
    (1) Res judicata, indeed.
    (2) But if Paul G really has a Restraining Order forbidding Billy from blogging about him, well, THAT res is quite RIPE to be judicata’ed.


    Say, wasn’t it an FOIA request that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bill Schmalfeldt LIED about his military service and awards like the scumbag lying stolen valor asshole he has proved himself to be? Yep, I do believe it was. And I also recall there is more info on old Bill’s time in the military that hasn’t even been made public yet. The anticipation is hard to tolerate sometimes.

    • Let me get this straight…

      Bill requested records from the Palantine police concerning the Palantine man who has a no-contact order against Bill?

      Oh, yes, this will end well….

      Remember to limber your LULZ muscles, people…it’s going to be a very entertaining couple of weeks!

  6. With apologies to our gracious host, I’m popping my own corn for this one. Just need to find out where I can get those little stripy boxes…

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