Prevarication Du Jour

Ahem.RD201603261501ZSo the Cabin Boy™ believes that my characterization of Judge Joseph’s order constitutes a lie. Well, I suppose he’s entitled to that belief. However, he’s mistaken.

The Gentle Reader should note that I did not present the underlined words as a direct quote from the judge, but as a summary. She ordered the parties—both plaintiff and defendants—to stop filing paperwork until she could rule on the pending motion to dismiss. That would include things such as the Cabin Boy’s™ motion to disqualify counsel and the defendants’ opposition. It would include stuff such as the paperwork the Cabin Boy™ filed last Monday and any defense responses that would be necessary. Thus, I believe that an impartial observer would find that my words are, in fact, a reasonable summary of the judge’s order.

58 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

    • I have often used the line, “I thought I was full of shit” when referring to Dumbuck and his Amazing Technicolor Lyingcoat. However, this goes way beyond that, I think.

      I have a meme to upload that is a projector run by a projectionist that say, “Look, I’m projecting.” Just can’t get it to up load from my tablet for some reason…

  1. One thing I have noticed is that Witless Willie believes every statement that he sees as adverse is a lie unless it accords with his interpretation of events. “No filings” has a literal meaning, but it also calls for interpretation in context (and NO ONE considers context more important than Willie). Who has been cluttering the docket with frivolous or impermissible filings and at whom then is the order essentially aimed? Witless may answer those questions one way and so interpret things one way. Someone else may answer those questions differently and so interpret things another way. Among civilized people, those are known as reasonable differences of opinion.

  2. He makes brazen fabrications of fundamental facts but if he disagrees with someone else’s opinion, it’s a “lie”. Pure sociopath.

  3. Since it’s pretty obvious the Judge only got involved owing to Aaron’s Motion for the Court to STOP all of Plaintiff’s untimely docket-cluttering, it’s pretty damn obvious that Hoge’s gloss on the Judge’s order is 100% apt. Obvious to most of us, anyway 😛

    • But none of us have that special dementia that causes even an uneducated, life-long failure at everything, to not only be able to best a Yale law grad in court, but to also outwit literally a horde of people, many with multiple advanced degrees, and several with a JD.

  4. Does anybody have a listing of all the filings in the case so far? It would be interesting to see just how many were necessary filings and responses.

      • Well, you CAN have a mix, but it requires a fine touch, or it degenerates into bathos (or in the modern vernacular, ‘narm’).

      • Comedy = Tragedy + Time.

        Or so I’ve been told. Sadly, much like Van Gogh, the tragedy of Bill Schmalfeldt’s comedy may never be fully understood until after he too shoots himself.

        But if it made poor Vincent into a genius, isn’t it worth a try?

      • Is SmellyFelt is Greek? The Greeks “Comedies” were always tragic.

        So were Shakespeare’s: “Alas poor Witless Willie the Scooter-Puff riding moron with Whiskey Breathe, I didn’t want to know him well….”

  5. This Is Radio Drumpf ‏@RadioDrumpf · 2h2 hours ago

    When a dentist working on disabled patients for the state decides to get involved in name calling yip-yap, I think his clients should know.

    Some states consider complaints by non patients to be a criminal act – especially PA

  6. It’s always hard to admit to self-inflicted wounds. Poor Billy. I pity him. It won’t stop me from cheering on as he gets crushed, but I still pity him.

  7. Would Fat Willy’s threatening tweet to TomBlvd be enough for a peace/protection order in his state? There are also HIPPA protections between a doctor and his patients, especially if some third party is attempting to interfere in that relationship. The fact that said third party has multiple harassment protection orders, from multiple states against him can only complicate matters.

    What exactly has TomBlvd done to strike up this harassment from BS?? Write a few blog comments that FatAss disagrees with? But Tom MUST have contacted Willy directly and threatened him,called him to harass him, sent an email or a nasty comment on the Cabin Boy’s blog. Right??

    • The best people to answer that would be certain Boys in Blue. And I don’t mean Cub Scouts. In any event, no harm in filing a report, if TomBlvd feels so inclined. #papertrail

  8. As a Seer I can predict the future:
    Blimpy McBlimpface will die in a ScooterPuff accident. The Police report will read that he was driving his ScooterPuff with one hand, maniacally shouting “Hoooooge!” and waving a 1/4 full bottle of Johnny Walker Red in the other, while traveling at a unsafe speed of 5 mph, he hit a pothole was launch 3 feet into a storm drain where his obese and blubber body was firmly lodged upside down. Cause of death was inhalation of his own whiskey laden excrement.

    His Headstone will read: “Monkeys MUST Fling POO!”

  9. You know, I reread what I wrote about Bill, and realizing that tomorrow is Easter and yesterday was Good Friday and knowing the meaning behind both days, I felt ashamed.

    Yes, Bill S.’s actions and words have caused pain and suffering to a lot of people that made the mistake of criticizing him and his idol Brett K, but for some reason I feel bad mocking him.

    There is no justification for his actions and words that he has inflicted on others, but I realized that something in his past must have made him this way, and he hasn’t been able to get past it.

    Bill S. is currently an empty shell of a man, filled with hate, spite and a seizing anger that has to strike at others to ease the pain he feels from being such a person.

    A courageous man will admit his mistakes, take responsibility for his own actions and admit when he is wrong.

    A coward will blame others and justify his hateful actions and words through disconnected logic.

    Which are you Bill?

    I pray that you will be courageous and admit your wrong doings and ask for forgiveness.

    Turn a new leaf Bill, you will be happy instead of bitter and your life will start to have meaning.

    And please forgive me for mocking you.

    Mr Minority

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