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Filing a motion for summary judgment prior to discovery seems to be becoming a common Acme Legal tactic. Brett and Tetyana Kimberlin have filed one in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit going forward in Montgomery County, Maryland. I won’t waste bandwidth with the motion, and I’ll hold off (for now) on publishing Mrs. Kimberlin’s declaration filed as an exhibit to the motion. However, here’s The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s declaration:

One does not simply lie in a declaration to the court and expect not to get burned.

52 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Only a psychopath would believe a convicted perjurer’s affidavit would cause a court to grams a motion for summary judgment.

  1. Well, Kimberlin had to do SOMETHING to get back in the race with Schmallballz to see who will get declared vexatious first….

  2. A minor lie in paragraph 3, but the audacity of Team Kimberlin and they thinking they control everything under the sun. UNINVITED??? Really, teen girl slumber party deprived Brett, you don’t get to invite anyone to PUBLIC courtrooms – it’s OPEN to the public COURT. No invitations to be had, you adjudicated pedo.

  3. One would think that, once convicted of perjury, a person would be exceptionally careful not to lie under oath again.

    Unless, of course, said person were a sociopath who has been getting away with lying under oath for years without punishment. Under such circumstances, said person would feel free to lie as much as he likes in order to get what he wants.

    • Not in this case, because TDPK’s not under regular probation. He’s under double secret probation, and holding him in violation of double secret probation would in itself violate the secret part of it. So it’s a no-go.

  4. This raises the question as to whether, or not, Mrs Kimberlin has sworn that she had drapetomania.

  5. Perjury is to Short3’s criminality as sausages are to CMOT Dibbler’s commercial enterprises. Both go on to larger ventures, but there’s always the old reliable standby.

  6. exactly how long does he get to keep flogging the “he assaulted me!” lie before he finally gets called on it?
    I suppose this might be the reasoning behind the affidavit in BS’s case too. Trying to get at least one court to rule based on it so you can jump up and down and go “SEE TRUE!”

    • I keep wondering the same thing. He trots out the alleged assault at every opportunity even though there is VIDEO EVIDENCE showing he is a liar.
      What a douchebag

    • Doesn’t res judicata mean that another court can’t “find” that the assault happened?

      Once a liar, always a liar. I have to wonder when, if ever, all this lying will bite him in the tender bits. I’m not holding my breath.

      • A Glorious Triduum to you Gus and a Happy Easter to all of my western Christian friends. We Orthodox Christians of the Eastern Church are deep in the Great Lent, involved in deep introspection, rooting out our sins and engaging in self-abnegation through strict fasting (Hooray! because today is the Feast of the Annunciation, e get to eat fish today! ) I don’t care who you are, dreary dishes without meat, fish, poultry or Dairy gets dreary after a few days, soon becoming a penance! But that is what the Great Lent is all about! Join me on 1 May when we celebrate Holy Pascha, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, conquering death of the body in promise of our own eventual resurrection in Him!

  7. Again with the possible concussion. Were you diagnosed with a concussion or not? No? Because then you didn’t have a concussion and DO NOT get to tell the world about the brief period that Brett Kimberlin and concussion were used in the same context.

    I was once advised to go to the hospital for possible LULz Muscle breakage. It was just a sprain.

    • All diagnoses are documented in an outpatient setting like the ER with words like “possible” or “to rule out” until they are confirmed by testing or the physician confirms the diagnosis with the word “concussion” in the record. He loves to fly that “possible concussion” diagnosis around like it’s confirmation Aaron bonked over the head with a hammer when it’s the exact opposite.

  8. Every Judge in the world has to be incredulous that someone twice the size of someone else could get away with physically assault IN A COURTHOUSE, and not get arrested, detailed and held over for trial.

    Didn’t happen, cause there was no assault, period..

  9. What a pissant jerk he is. Brett “False Narratives ‘R’ Us” Kimberlin. But the vultures are circling…

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