17 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Does anyone think he’ll show up? Maybe, trying to save that million dollar judgment.

    If he shows up, does anyone think he’ll be arrested? I do. Anyone who abandons their children and doesn’t even provide support for them deserves jail, imo.

    • The way I read it, he can videoconference from an undisclosed latrine. But I think either way, the judge just got Neal’s attorney by the short hairs. Neal, on the other hand, might be collecting wanted posters from the states like parvo is collecting restraining orders from the states. So it might not mean anything to him that he’ll be a wanted man in Texas some more.

  2. “appear in person, or by electronic means” I’m sure he will elect to appear “by electronic means”. But if he actually shows up, you can bet there will be several process servers as well many US Marshals. I guess he will just have to weigh the pros and CONS of appearing at the hearing. But it would be nice to get a look at him and help his ex wife collect the back child support.

  3. Hmm… someone shows up for a court hearing, and gets arrested for an unrelated matter by authorities waiting for him to show up. Why does that sound so darned farmiliar?

    Oh, karma, you are such a glorious bitch, and I love you so.

    • He won’t need any of that … they take away everything when you are booked into detention. I went 28 months without my dentures because they were locked in the property room. I only got them back when transferred to custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons…

    • I like how Neal is petting the Pedo Kimberlin. It’s both appropriate and highly creepy at the same time.

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