Provable Lies

Bill Schmalfeldt is a liar, and some of the biggest whoppers he’s told are his claims to have found “provable lies” that others have told about him. The Cabin Boy™ would have the world believe that every hearing or trial that has gone against him has been the result of lying by his adversaries.

Most recently, he’s put out a podcast asserting that he’s found nine such lies that were told by Sarah Palmer during the North Carolina hearing that resulted in restraining orders number 8 and 9 against the Cabin Boy™. I listened to the audio he posted. I’ve also seen the documentary evidence that Mrs. Palmer used during the hearing. That evidence backs up what she said. She didn’t lie. Rather, Schmalfeldt appears to be lying about her.

When Schmalfeldt claimed Lynn Thomas was lying, it turned out that it was Schmalfeldt who had forged a set of emails.

When Schmalfeldt claimed that Scott Hinckley was lying, it turned out that Mr. Hinckley had documentary evidence to back up what he had said in court.

When Schmalfeldt claimed that the Causey’s had lied about phone calls he had made, there was documentary evidence to back them up.

When Schmalfeldt claimed that I had lied during the hearing for the extension of the first peace order and tried the file a perjury charge against me, the Commissioner found there was no probable cause and denied his Application for Statement of Charges.

When Schmalfedt claimed that he had found twenty-four lies in my answer to his motion to modify the first peace order that would result in my being led away from the courthouse “in irons,” he failed to raise a single one of them during the hearing on his motion.

During the District Court trial for the first peace order, Schmalfeldt lied about having received notice to stop contacting me. During the de novo appeal trial in the Circuit Court one of his tweets acknowledging the notice was introduced into evidence, and the order was granted. That resulted in the Cabin Boy™ spreading the lie that my lawyer and I had misrepresented the nature of Twitter to the judge, when what we really said was that I had no more obligation to block someone on Twitter than I would have had to change my phone number to avoid contact—that it was the Cabin Boy™ obligation to leave me alone. He’s still telling that lie today rather than face the truth that he is an adjudicated harasser.

Judges in five states have weighted the testimony of witnesses appearing before them and reviewed documentary evidence, and those judges have found the witnesses and evidence credible. No one has to lie about Bill Schmalfeldt in court. The truth is sufficiently devastating to his cause.

30 thoughts on “Provable Lies

      • I’d suggest getting him a t-shirt with that on the front, but William would start thinking its his name.

        On the other hand, “HYPERDRUNKEN” might be easier for him to spell in court papers, “Schmalfeldt” having proven to be beyond his GS-13 writing/editing skills on at least two occasions.

  1. The law provides little or no remedy for the torts of those who are virtually penniless: a failure is judgment proof.

    All that remains is well-deserved mockery.

    • I was thinking about Justified. Raylan says to a guy he’s tracked down for a bounty hunter, “If you run into one asshole in a day, then maybe he’s just an asshole. But if everyone you run into all day long is an asshole, maybe you’re the asshole.”

      Bill should contemplate that concept. I know he’d reject it, but it might help him face his life a little more realistically.

  2. Posting a blurred picture of Sarah’s grandchild is still posting a picture of her grandchild.

    The “Be a shame if something were to happen” implied threat is the same.

    There’s only one thing worse than a toddler stalker and that’s a pedophile. Bill keeping one as his excellent friend is telling.

  3. One of Bill’s more offensive lies — all the more so for being unnecessary — is his insistence that Kimberlin has no responsibility for Carl DeLong’s death. Kimberlin planted a bomb, at a middle school basketball game, in a gym bag — he intended to kill someone, and the only thing that kept him from facing murder charges was luck.

    It takes a sick, sick man to hold the position Bill’s taken.

    • …and desperate for anyone to call ‘friend’ after being rejected by virtually all who’ve had the misfortune to become aware of its loathsome existence.

    • Kimberlin lost on that point in every court where the matter was considered. He lied about it – hid his liabilities, to buy a house, while he also,hid or laundered assets to avoid collection of the judgement. They revoked his parole because if it. The most satisfying thing I ever read in a court document , was “Petitioner was taken into custody at the conclusion of the hearing,” followed by “On June 27, 1997 the Commission adopted the examiner’s recommendation, revoking petitioner’s parole and continuing him to a presumptive parole date of June 5, 1999.”

  4. The grown up guy Bill Smallballs tweets disparaging comments about agiledog and his work taking care of furry four legged animals and “man’s best friends” and then an hour later is offended someone made a joke about him crapping in his diapers.

    Tell you a little secret, Bill, dogs are smarter than you. At least they poop on the floor rather than sit in their poop. Granted dogs do sniff their poop like you.

  5. As a person that visits this site regularly but rarely comments as the matters of US law have little effect in sleepy old Australia, I am amazed that BS believes that he can spray excrement by the truck load but should never be able to have any push back.

    Whilst some may feel that he should have sympathy, that time was long gone with his behaviour that has gone from mildly annoying to psychotically (and yet stupendously idiotic) criminal. When he should have walked away from the keyboard, he doubled down and highlighted his significant mental issues with his behaviour.

    He is not a good person, nor of sound mind. If he was either he would have apologised and never returned. He somehow thinks that no-one should be offended by his actions and yet when someone returns fire, he has rights that he denies others. If he was a who he actually thinks he is, then nobody would blame him for his stance, but he is not. He is a person who is desperate for attention, litigious and rather stupid at it. He has created the environment of hate that surrounds him and he needs to understand that being the person he is, he is responsible for his actions and the actions of those who do not back down to his twisted version of justice. The law is not on his side, and that is because, unlike him, the law is not an ass.

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