14 thoughts on “Logins

  1. I can’t really figure out why Wee Willie would login and check out what is being said about him, is it demented narcissism? Or does he get some kind of sexual lift from see himself being trashed by his detractors?

    I know it is trying to figure out why a dog would raid a catbox for tasty nuggets, but it makes no sense.

    • Let’s stop looking for logic from the guy who dissected his bowel movement, snorted it, and put it on YouTube for the world to see. This IS the man who claimed similarity of two signatures is proof of forgery.

      • My problem is that I am an Engineer, thus I have a rational mind. I can see some irrationality, but this guy is batshit crazy.

        I have it, he is like those people that flog themselves for religious reason. It makes ZERO sense to me, because why would I purposely inflict pain on myself for no reason.

        • Nope, he’s nothing like those people. Those people do that because they realize they’re imperfect and are attempting to atone for their sins.

          Bill won’t admit he’s imperfect. He hunts down criticism of himself so he can “correct” it.

    • This is the thing about sociopaths like Billy: anyone, anywhere mocking his bloated opinion of himself is something he can’t bear. So he comes here to KEEP SCORE, to fantasize about revenge and all the nasty, violent things he’d love to do to us….if he could just GET to us.

      Our role: we’re Schmalfeldt’s very own Marla Singer a/k/a “the little scratch on the roof of your mouth that would heal if only you could stop tonguing it, but you can’t.” (Fight Club, 1999).

      If Billy weren’t such a bullying narcissist psychopath, he’d be able to say “chuck it!” and walk away. But he can’t. Because ~we’re~ still here. Mocking him. And Billy’s ego can’t STAND that.

      • I mean Damn! even lower lifeforms instinctively learn if an certain action results in pain, not to continue to which that action!

        It has to be that Little Willie Bill is an Attention Whore and he is like an abused child that figure bad attention is a least some attention.

        If he wasn’t such an douchebag, I would feel sorry for him.

        • He thinks the pain will be worth it, in the end, when he bullies us into silence. Using the same logic that drains people of their life savings in Las Vegas.

        • I’d prefer you not insult douchebags by comparing them to DF. Real douchebags are truly useful.

    • So loathsome is self-titled happy my wife died theMerryWidower, shunned by virtually all family and anyone else with the misfortune to become aware of its revolting existence, we’re pretty much all it has. This virtually the only attention it ever gets.

  2. So, 11:30 PM, 5:30 AM and 11:16 AM.

    I would say a screwed up sleep cycle, and I know how much that messes me up. Add in rampant stupidity, and the legal advice he seems to be getting from his “most excellent friend” the totally not a terrorist Brett Kimberlin, and his hired counsel JWR, Esquirrel, and you get nearly enough stupidity to explain docket entries 21 and 22.

    Something is still missing, there is still not enough stupidity, and at this level Autocorrupt could provably on improbe his complaints.

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