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18 thoughts on “Logins

  1. Maybe he’s looking for free legal advice on his lolsuit.
    Here it is in one sentence, Billy: “There are piles of [excrement] spewed out of your own [lower aperture] which have more substance than your latest lolsuit. Beg defendants for mercy and pray you aren’t sued for their legal expenses.”

    • I hope both requests are firmly denied. We’ve all seen the results of our esteemed host having mercy and forgoing any monetary judgment. The dementia addled freak simply counts that as a ‘win’ and continues the same loathsome behavior.

        • Interesting. Since he himself mentioned Parkinsons in the first couple paragraphs that he wrote, then it opens the door as I understand it. I only went to Hollywood upstairs Legal College, mostly by watching lots of Law and Order and the “Measure of a Man” episode of Star Trek, TNG, but that seems like a pertinent detail.

        • I take that to mean that Bill is going to bring matters of some of the defendants’ (and their counsel’s) personal lives into his pleadings, because he thinks such things are “publicly disclosed” (meaning someone told Bill). The fact the such issues have no bearing on the case is immaterial to Bill – he is just trying to smear and embarrass the defendants and their lawyer. It will piss off the judge some more, and I don’t think it will be trouble for the defense, So I’m all for it.

          Someone hand Bill a bigger shovel – that hole is not deep enough yet.

          • Now I know where Billy went to Lawl School: The Deb Frisch Loserville School of Lawl!

          • I fully expect Bill’s ludicrous and generally ignorant, offensive remarks [does he make any other kind?] to be repeated, about Walker having the advantage of some accommodation for his dyslexia during the Bar exam.

          • When you make issue X a legal issue, you don’t get to be upset when the other side discusses X, even if X is a deeply personal issue. If you are dumb enough to get upset about it, you are probably also dumb enough to think any and all deeply personal issues can be discussed.

            And thus more LULZ (and possibly sanctions) are created.

          • Countdown to a video of Cabin Boy humping a fire hydrant while shouting obscenities in 5 … 4 … 3 …

  2. Bill’s foolishness will have one effect: hastening the dismissal of the suit on the easy and plain grounds that always doomed it.

    • Would that be the “royal we”?

      Sometimes I don’t give my lulz muscles enough time to recuperate…

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