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  1. I’d love to hear Fat Willie sing his number 1 hit song, The Ram Has Touched The Wall. But since he has another lawsuit to deal with, it can wait a few years while his cases are adjudicated.


    I could be completely wrong, but I’ve heard vague chatter that there might be MORE legal action heading his way. Could be nothing, could be something.[REDACTED] I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Speaking of Willie…

      Does anyone else think that Wee Wee Willie FiFi Fergie may be kinda sorta regretting his dumbass defamation, self-destructive stupidity, and asinine arrogance right about now?


      Heh. And, to think… a retraction, removal of the libel, and a simple apology could have prevented a world of hurts for the lying liars who lie.

      Stupid is as stupid does. *SMH* Oopsie Poopsie.

      Godspeed to our Gentle Host. And, best wishes and prayers lifted for a well-deserved, judicial beatdown of the Team Kimberlin goons.


  2. I hope our Gracious Host will be kind enough to share some small hints with us, though I certainly would respect a choice not to.

    But inquiring minds want to know:

    What are the claims?
    What are the amounts in relief requested?
    Will the Scooty Puff of Doom (it’s red. Vroom! Vroom!!) be sold at auction?
    Can Bill Schmalfeldt travel eastward only for criminal trials, but not civil trials?
    Is there a lawyer licensed in MD, WI, CA, & AL who is not only capable of representing all parties but will take the case?
    Will a $10,000 Up front retainer cut into the Johnnie Walker budget?

    • Will the financial wizard Brett Kimberlin advise them on how to cover their lawyer costs?

      Since he can take family vacations in Hawaii; plus cover the travel\music lawyer\studio costs for his prodigy progeny on the only 19K earnings a year he claims on his taxes; he must be an excellent budgeter.

      • To be fair, we don’t know that Kimberlin even files taxes, much less what income he admits. We only know what has paid himself to run his “non-profits” in the years he has complied with the filing requirements for those entities, and that he has claimed them as his full-time employment. What stories he has told the IRS are between him and the IRS, at least for now.

        • If only the Grand Hoge knew someone that made their living looking at the tax filings of non-profits for a living. Imagine what kind of information they could glean. Or lack of information leading some plaintiff to request said information during discovery. If only…..

        • I’m sure that he filed thorough returns replete with exhaustive documentation.

          Unfortunately, it was all on Lois Lerner’s PC.

    • Billy was such a bad boy when he was living in Maryland that that court has jurisdiction over his ratty a**.


    • Will John turn the Scooty-Puff into an n-dimensional vehicle and lend it to Kyle (and pony) for adventures in other dimensions? Will the Tardis then become obsolete? Inquiring minds need to know!

    • Once it touches the wall, you go ahead and knock it down. The opertunity for that to not happen ends as soon as the process starts at all. The next time, they give up before the ram touches the wall to avoid the destruction visited on the last, who did not believe you were serious. 😑

  3. They were asked and they said no.
    They were asked again and they laughed.
    They were warned and still they mocked..
    They were warned one final time and scoffed, proclaiming their invincibility.

    Now comes judgment. They will laugh no more.

  4. What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.

    –attributed to Conan the Cimmerian

  5. I posted this at BILLY SEZ but will cross post here also.

    Looking at @hotcheesesnot I see that Bill is–this is my personal opinion based on my understanding of the FRCP–deliberately violating the FRCP and bragging about it. I hope the judge finds him in contempt of court and has him to be the court’s guest for a few days–like 30. It is also–in my opinion–further substantiates that this law suit was filed for no other purpose than to use the court to harasses.

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