The Sixth Nonsense

We’ve made it to the last installment of our review of the exhibits The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt has included with his motion to have Aaron Walker disqualified as defense counsel in LOLsuit VI: The Undiscovered Krendler. The review of Exhibit 1 is here. Exhibits 2 and 3 are considered here. The post looking at Exhibit 4 is here. Fit the Fifth is here.

Exhibit 6 consists of newspaper clippings which the Cabin Boy™ imagines prove that Brett Kimberlin isn’t a terrorist.

The first two deal with reports for what appear to be two of the three trials for the Speedway Bombings. Rather than support the Cabin Boy’s™ argument, they support the view that Kimberlin is a terrorist in the everyday, common use of the term. Moreover, they do nothing to change the fact that Kimberlin sued claiming that Aaron Walker defamed him by calling him a terrorist, and Kimberlin lost that suit in 2014. Kimberlin brought up the same claim again in the RICO Retread LOLsuit, and he’s lost on that claim against every defendant whose motion to dismiss has been decided. So that question is settled as far as the law is concerned. It is not defamation to call Brett Kimberlin a terrorist.

There’s also a clipping of a obituary for Carl DeLong. The Supreme Court of Indiana ruled that Kimberlin was responsible for the wrongful death of Carl DeLong. There’s nothing in that clipping that voids the court’s finding.

Bill Schmalfeldt’s ill-conceived motion and risible exhibits are Acme Legal’s work at its shining best. He says he’s filed them. OK. Now, we wait for the anvil to drop.

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  1. If I was Bill and I just put more evidence out in front of courts that Kimberlin is a sleazy terrorist who killed a man with a bomb when Kimberlin has been waging a years long battle to shut people up from talking about exactly that, I think I’d be VERY careful in opening any mail or packages. Who knows what might be in them.

  2. “You know what will pull the court to my side! Dragging a bombing victim’s name through the mud to try and sever the idea the Kimberlin was the cause of his death!”

    Yeah…Uhh keep flogging that horse man.

  3. The list of things Brett Kimberlin has been convicted of doing — or called out by a judge for obviously doing — makes his testimony on behalf of Bill Schmalfeldt very suspect. Of course, in the letter he ends up lying about certain incidents, so it fits a tidy pattern of perjury, vexatious litigation and domestic terrorism.
    (As others have pointed out, blowing up 8 bombs in Speedway, Indiana is domestic terrorism in my humble opinion.)

  4. Brilliant tactic, Cabin Boy, brilliant.

    I can imagine Aaron’s response to have one sentence:”Your honor, the moron’s exhibits established that my comments were clearly true.”

  5. He says he’s filed them.

    He also says Aaron is the only other person who has them. Those two statements cannot both be true, so the question becomes “Is Cabin Boy stupid or lying?” The answer is “That question is missing an ‘and.'”

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  7. What is it with Team Kimberlin, and their filing exhibits that prove the OPPOSITE of their arguments?

    Is it a lack of reading/comprehension skills?

    Wishful thinking?

    Willful stupidity?

    The overarching power of AND?

  8. I still have $20 that says even Bill wasn’t stupid enough to actually file this mess with the court. If it shows up on Pacer, I’ll hit the Zombie tip jar with a Jackson marked for legal expenses.

    • I believe that if it’s served on the defendants, it’s irrelevant if it’s actually filed because it becomes automatically admissible to the record.

      But don’t listen to me. I’m not even American.

    • Hell, I’ll match you, TOLF. This is weapons grade madness. He’s not only damaging himself, he’s increasing the chance that someone starts looking at Kimberlin with renewed interest.

      • What I want to know is how Kimberlin was able to fly to Hawaii with no problems with TSA and the no fly list, if anyone should be on it a convicted “bomber” on probation/parole should top the list.

        • Friends in high places — same thing that got him parole and keeps the government uninterested in the source of his cash while he owes a million to his victim’s survivor.

  9. I alluded to this over at the Artisan Craft Blog, but I’ll elaborate here because I think it’s important.

    In a case that is fundamentally about the plaintiff’s “sterling character” and reputation, he has decided – in his FIRST MOTION, no less – to split hairs about what term of art most properly describes the deliberate bombing of innocent people.

    With any other litigant, that would be a shockingly dumb tactic. But with this one, it’s more or less expected. Of course, we’re all jaded (and quite possibly spoiled by) the Benzodiazepine Butterball’s almost endless ignorance and narcissism. .

    Luckily, none of us are going to be the judge and jury in this matter. They’ll get to see it with fresh eyes. And what a sight they’ll see!

    Always remember, these cases are decided largely on the “reasonable person” standard. I would suspect that if someone opens his case by quibbling about how to best define the deliberate bombing of innocent people,. perhaps reasonable people may not look charitably toward his definition of, oh, I dunno, “child pornography.”

    But that’s just a guess on my part.

    • As Dan Savage reminds us, “it gets better.”

      Let’s assume that the Court orders a hearing on Plaintiff’s Motion to Disqualify. It isn’t hard to imagine that she’d want to hear from the World’s Most Explosive Dwarf himself.

      At that point, she would have to have a sub-hearing to determine if Kid Dynamite can speak for the record in any capacity, due to his status as a convicted perjurer.

      But nevermind me. I’m sure that I’m just “panicked” and Schmalfeldt is doing just fine!

    • As I remember it, the Cabin Boy swore that he would continue “reporting” the RICO case, but would not do so without explicit bias.

      Gee, if only someone had saved that ….

      • BS, starting on Feb. 7, 2014, right after Hoge had the outstanding charges dropped pursuant to the mediation agreement, used Twitter and his blog to state the following:

        “Now, I will report aggressively on Brett Kimberlin’s lawsuit against Hoge and his co-defendants. But I will not be unbiased. I have news that I am sitting on until early next week. It is not good news for Hoge and his co-defendants. (I’ll tell you this much. I won’t say if it’s the state case, the RICO case, or both. Some will save themselves at the expense of others. This is not speculation.)
        And I can’t fucking WAIT until I can write about it without risking the outcome.
        And for every dollar Kimberlin takes from Hoge, for every piece of property Kimberlin takes from Hoge, for every bit of suffering Kimberlin causes Hoge, I will smile. I will laugh. God forgive me, I want the man to suffer. And according to this story I am sitting on, suffer he will.
        Remember where you read it.
        Suffer, he will. It won’t match what he’s done to me. But it will be a small measure of satisfaction to have lived long enough to see Karma bite him on his pockmarked, pimply ass.”

        • Maybe I’m weird, but doesn’t that sound a lot different than what he’s saying this morning?

          Of course, I’m sure that oversight is the result of dementia and not situational ethics, which might to to undermine the assertion of an unblemished character.


      At that point, I think it can safely asserted that his definitions of anything cannot be relied upon by reasonable people,

      • Better still, in a complaint that couldn’t possibly be further removed from the Speedway Bombings, the Diminished Capacity Kid is actually arguing that the victim of said bombings didn’t die as a result of them.

        AND … he’s doing this whilst attempting to cast himself as a sympathetic figure.

        At this point, I can only hope that he;s doing this because he’s drunk. The alternatives are considerably worse.

        • Look, I completely understand why Boom Boom Kimberlin would want the Diminished Capacity Kid to file this steaming pile of nonsense. Were I subhuman enough to find myself in his position, I’d want a court ruling somewhere that I could point to that says that I’m not a two-legged beast in my subsequent lawfare, too. It’s a long shot, but sometimes those are the only shots that you have left.

          The only plausible reasons I can think of for Schmalfeldt to introduce these arguments aren’t particularly flattering for his case, his integrity, or his mental health.

          Of course, your mileage may vary.

          • Schmalfeldt has proven time and time again that he has no case, he has no integrity, and that his mental health is questionable at best.

            He’s also proven he has no honor, dignity, intelligence, or any semblance of self preservation.

            That he proves these things over and over and over in public is why I love the big lug. No better cure for a bad day then getting a good dose of lulz reading his latest effort at appearing competent.

      • Team Kimberpedo is known for their quibbling:

        Matt Osborne on Craig Gillette’s kiddie porn stash – “They weren’t that bad.”

        Will Ferguson – “I’d hit it!” regarding a meme referring to a 14 year old girl getting in your bed. Willie then tried to backtrack when he said the model in the meme was over 21, but only after telling others they wouldn’t reject the depicted 14 year old and claiming others would follow his lead.

        While I personally think the motion will just be dismissed because the Judge will find that Bill’s evidence is irrelevant since Aaron’s activities aren’t directly related to the case, it’s fascinating to watch Bill and company go through the mentality of trying to frame convicted bomber, perjurer and adjudicated pedophile in the best light possible, as if that even mattered in this particular motion.

        I mean, there is stupid, there is crazy insane stupid – and then there is Bill.

    • Because he refers to grownups, this isn’t a hypocritical comment about his own rage at the many things that didn’t concern him until he stuck his nose in.

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  11. This would be funnier if Kimberlin weren’t a vicious pyschopath who bombed highschool parking lot.

  12. I’d like to point out an error in one of BS’s (very unhelpful to BS’s efforts) clippings. Carl Delong was not “the only person injured” Not only was Mrs. Delong seriously hurt and permanently injured, with The tiniest terrorist found responsible for her injuries as a matter of law, there were several other persons put in harms way, who received injuries from flying glass. It’s only chance that no one else was hurt or killed.

  13. Kimberlin his a bomb in a trash can next to the Speedway Shopping Center. It knocked over two bystanders and some received cuts from flying glass as storefront windows were destroyed

  14. And per the supreme court of Indiana, “As to the damages awarded for Mrs. DeLong’s separate personal injury claim, the defendant asserts that the $360,000 verdict was approximately 18 times her special damages and therefore excessive. In response, the plaintiff notes evidence demonstrating the particularly painful nature of her injuries from the bomb blast and her ordeal during treatment, including multiple surgeries and permanent continuing pain and impairment established by medical testimony.”

  15. Finally, a weaponized DUMBFUCK did manage to make at least ONE compelling argument this weekend, which was here

    “I have not yet published my filings online. I may at a later date. WJJ Hoge III does not have ACCESS to grab my documents (all 33 of them, about 5% of the number of documents Hoge has choked the Internets with).

    The documents are not yet on PACER. There is only one other person who has them, and one wonders about the ethics of a lawyer sending copies of court documents to a third person to publish them online before they’ve been posted on PACER.”

    To be fair, there are other possibilities as to the source of where Oliver Wendell Jones could have obtained sealed discovery materials to introduce into his ridiculous motion (Exhibit 3.)

    Unfortunately for him, only ONE makes makes any logical sense. And because said material was first introduced in a court filing, and not in an media forum, he cannot hide behind “JOURNALISM” to protect his source.

    That being the case, the Plaintiff has the special (in the short-bus sense) duty of opening his case in chief by admitting that his very first motion enabled contempt of a judicial order in a matter utterly unrelated to his allegations, because STERLING CHARACTER!

    Furthermore, a hearing on disqualification should be more than a little fun. As things currently stand, only one side of the current matter of controversy has a record of unveiling sealed ,materials. Coincidentally, BOTH involve Kimberlin and Aaron Walker, and BOTH were published by the Plaintiff. However, the Court should be expected to ignore those inconvenient truth because of “sterling character.”

    A judge might find that, to put it mildly, … “queer.”

    • Most amazingly of all, I couldn’t have foreseen a way that the defendants couldn’t have introduced the plaintiff’s history of contempt of court into the instant case.

      I guess that I never predicted that he would have provided the avenue for doing so himself.

      Maybe Bill should send Brett a tip for all of his “help.”

      • I’m sure The BLOB did tip him. Especially after Brett gave him “the answer for which he was looking” – hereafter to be called the AVVO answer, aka the JustAnswer. Didn’t The BLOB tip them too?

      • to be fair, it was awful nice of Bill to introduce his own evidence proving he’s an inveterate liar in this motion so Walker doesn’t have to make the claim in his own filings for the defendants.

        Cause, you know, IF Walker had done that then Bill could’ve argued it, but how sweet of him to make it so obvious he’s a lying liar that lies repeatedly in his own motion with evidence to back it up so that the court understands exactly what (not who but what) they are dealing with on the plaintiff’s side of the court.

    • “That one other person would be Aaron Walker, the unemployed lawyer “

      Well, he could have been unemployed but once Schmalfeldt’s victims retained him, looks like he’s employed now.

  16. Perhaps BS will say a leg artery painfully severed by the shrapnel Kimberlin stuffed in his bomb doesn’t count; or that the 3rd person who got shrapnel injuries to the back from the same bomb also didn’t count, but given the way he goes on about his fall down a ladder I wonder how much he would have liked to have been nearby when that knapsack in the lot exploded.

  17. Regarding Streisand Effect:

    Google search shows “brett kimberlin” and “speedway bomber” returns 3,010 results

    Google search shows “schmalfeldt” and “dumbfuck” returns 1,550 results

    TDPK has his own wikipedia page but Cabin Boy does not.

    Every single thing both of these guys do increases their notoriety incrementally. I myself would re-direct monies spent on botched service deliveries to Amazon Prime so I could read every Kindle book available for free AND Netflix so I could enjoy quality entertainment; both can be had on the Mac. Doing so would more productively fill time currently dedicated to scouring The Internet for butthurt and neither would expose me to possible financial retribution.

    Alternatively, I’d spend the money buying handlebar tassels for my scootypuff (It’s red. Vroom. VROOM!) or elevator lifts for my shoes. Both of which would enhance my personal esteem and make me feel better about myself. Look good feel good. Leave others alone-

    On another subject- Any of you know a good (and free) internet lawyer-advice site?

    “If I sent a dozen Hogewash Res Judicata coffee cups to a hypothetical apartment management group (maybe they could go in the day room?) in Wisconsin could anybody sue cafepress for payment information that would lead to my doxxing?”

    Asking for a friend. Sent on a weekend during non-working hours. Well- Actually I DO have work to do (on my own time) but that’s what happens when you’re a Professional.

  18. I think it’s obvious what’s being tried here.

    Kimberlin is trying to bootstrap himself out of his convictions by a sleight of hand on a court. So that he’ll be able to sue/attack for defamation when people point them out.

    He tried that with the Allen results – “See, according to this court you can’t say that anymore”.

    It won’t _work_, of course, but that’s the cunning plan, I think.

    Schmalfeldt is the patsy. Any collateral damage will fall on him, and that’s no skin off his “most excellent friend’s” nose.

    As I said, I hope (for his sake) Schmalfeldt got paid, a lot, for this.
    I just doubt it.

  19. Kimberlin can’t ever bootstrap himself out of being a terrorist, convicted of setting bombs over speedway. He was found guilty, the convictions withstood every possible challenge. He was never exonerated and cannot be because he did it.

  20. I think Schmalfeldt neglected to point out this in favor of his excellent friend: He “didn’t even hit” his tween girlfriend, it was just a “smack on the face”

  21. I wonder how the judge is going to view the homoerotic cartoon videos Bill made of John and Aaron – or the books he wrote about the host or the CD’s of unsold screed he also made about the host – the numerous attacks on children, the numerous attacks on women.

    But he’s a victim for tweeting oh looky what I did everyone – and they looked and its still like Xmas came early.

  22. Oh, MY! When looking for words of the Yokohama Casanova that tend to come back to bite him, one never needs to look further than the Hogewash archives.

    The most special tweets of all, at least to me?

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@Fite_Rite_Radio
    I no longer take medications for Parkinson’s because they don’t work any more. I have my neurologist’s blessing on that.
    5:52 PM – 1 Oct 13

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@Fite_Rite_Radio
    Like I said, I am not taking medications anymore because they stopped working in about April or May.
    6:04 PM – 1 Oct 13

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@Fite_Rite_Radio
    So, trolls, thank you for making things worse.
    6:05 PM – 1 Oct 13


    In regards to the rest of the Diminished Capacity Kid’s thread, he remains alive,further proving that he’s incapable of living up to his promises.

    • Didn’t he say the medications he stopped taking were why he cannot drink? (And then rattled off what he WOULD drink, if he could)

      It’s possible he’s back on his medications, but it’s also possible he’s self-medicating.

      • Right now, I figure that he’s trying to figure out how to forge prescription bottle labels.

          • You thinking TJ jacked the price on Bill’s weed? Kimberlin is extremely experienced in procuring drugs as well. I find it hard to believe that if Bill is using that he couldn’t get a good deal from family or his BFF

    • If he has Parkinson’s, why would the medications stop working? Seriously, from my limited reading, there’s a point where the medications become futile, but that’s because there is no mobility left. We know – from Schmalfeldt’s own postings – that he is quite moblie, given a rolly-walker. I’m confused!

      Actually, no. No, I’m not confused. Disgusted and irritated, but not confused.

      • It’s not uncommon for people with Parkinsons to take drug holidays for an assortment of reasons – including, but not limited to concerns about misdiagnosis, or effects vs benefit – but stopping them is serious business. It can have bad consequences (even deadly ones) even when adjustments or stops are supervised. Tweaking and adjusting to find a sweet spot of resolving motor issues (being “off” vs. dyskinesia) is a big issue for some Parkinsons patients. Some meds are linked to very damaging behaviours and impulses. When the disease is “early” and has milder symptoms, the cure can be worse than the illness. Sometimes the effects of some meds are hard to tease out from the effects of the disease.

        I have no idea what regimen BS is on or off or why and why not. It is, however, possible that his meds were stopped because they did more harm than good. He may have been restarted by now.

    • Neal, OMG, The BLOB is guilty! guilty! guilty! Off the drugs for over 2 years and CLEAR evidence of half empty bottles of JWR on the kitchen counter. And The BLOB lying about its use, repeatedly. Self-medicating is just another euphemism. I prefer to call it an ALCHOLIC.

      • He had the opportunity to come clean this weekend and blew it … and the chance to bind me from ever testifying or providing evidence against him, ever, in any court anywhere. Such an idiot!

  23. I watch Wiilie and become ashamed to be in the same species: his behavior is not quite up to the intellectual level of an unusually dense earthworm.

    He’ll probably try to sue me for that statement, but I have been led to believe that even in Wisconsin truth is a defense.

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