You Keep Using Those Words

This is the second installment in our review of the exhibits The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt has included with his motion to have Aaron Walker disqualified as defense counsel in LOLsuit VI: The Undiscovered Krendler. The review of Exhibit 1 is here. Let’s consider Exhibits 2 and 3.

This is Exhibit 2:

For years, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has been waving this around as “proof” that Aaron Walker’s federal lawsuit against him was frivolous. That isn’t what Judge Motz wrote. He said that he viewed the case as a political dispute that had no business before the court. He did not grant the sanctions Kimberlin sought, but he warned Aaron not to make the same mistake about how a suit was framed again.

In subsequent court battles, TDPK has often been quick to try to frame disputes as political, but the opposing parties have been successful in getting the court to see that the cases have been straight-forward criminal or civil actions. When you read Judge Motz’s order, especially in the context of that case and Kimberlin’s subsequent actions, it’s obvious that it doesn’t mean what Kimberlin thinks it means.

popcorn4bkI won’t reproduce Exhibit 3. It appears to be selected emails from discovery given to Kimberlin during a 2012 lawsuit. That discovery was, and still is, sealed. The Cabin Boy™ has created a couple of interesting problems for himself by including those emails. First, how does he know they are what they appear to be? Does he have an affidavit from Jim Hodges attesting to their authenticity? Second, if they are authentic, how did they come into his possession?

Exhibit 2 doesn’t seem to help the Cabin Boy’s™ case, and Exhibit 3 may be more trouble that it’s worth.

32 thoughts on “You Keep Using Those Words

  1. Re Exhibit 2: Funny, I could see the present Judge dismissing Billy’s case using very similar wording. “I deem it unwise for the court to intervene in what is obviously a merely political dispute.”

    Re Exhibit 3: Is there a further question: if the e-mailed have been sealed by court order, does that put Billy in violation of a court order by submitting them?

    • You raise a third interesting question. I suppose the answer to it would turn on the answer to my second question and the Cabin Boy’s™ knowledge of the provenance of the emails.

          • “Stumble into court” that iconic phrase needs to be replaced with “shot out of a cannon into a brick wall”

            There are new lows in intelligence everyday, just when they hit bottom, they plug in the jackhammer of stupidity

        • Good for you, Father! Perhaps you could bring back pictures of a Scooty Puff! (It’s red! Vroom VROOM!).
          I’d be happy to defray some of the costs!

          • Heh. That may well occur. However, I personally prefer packing my car to travel to Wisconsin to hear Bill’s confession, assign penance and grant absolution than to appear in court. I am open to doing either. At Bill’s request, I will drive to Wisconsin to hear his confession. All he needs do is ask. In writing. Privately.

      • Yep, he took them private.

        Now we wait and find out how much of a man he really is. Did he file them, or did he get cold feet? And what does that say when your most excellent pedobomber friend asked you to do something and you changed your mind? I thought this was “iron-clad”? Or was all this just a ruse to see what would happen?

        You know, for people who plan strategy, they really suck at it.

        • Oddly enough, it would be better for him to not file them, since the Kimberlin letter documents things which Bill knows to be false. Bill has enough experience reading about the Kimberlin battle with Walker. He knows a judge ruled there was no assault.

          • He’s served the motion on Aaron. At the very least, Aaron can bring that to the judge’s attention even if the Cabin Boy™ fails to file.

          • Reading about it? My good man, Schmalfedlt reported on it! And he continues to seek to “report” on Kimberlin’s cases. In fact, he’s actively seeking more sealed material to report! Because Genius.

    • I think maybe DUMBFUCK was lacing up the golf cleats and talking to his junk in those tweets.

      …hindsight being 20/20 and all…

      Also I denounce myself for using The word “hindsight” while referring DUMBFUCK.

  2. It would seem to me that, as someone who is ultimately under the parole supervision of the Seventh Circuit, Kid Dynamite might want to be careful about “shading the truth” in papers filed in that jurisdiction.

    Of course, that’s just me. I have a feeling that I wouldn’t enjoy prison, especially if i was the World’s Most Explosive Dwarf.

    But I do enjoy William’s filing unmitigated nonsense like this in his own lulzsuits. He’s much more adept at proving his own mental instability than I could ever hope to be. In ways that he’s too dumb and possibly too drunk to recognize, he undermines his own case with all of this paranoid “cult” gibberish.

    Some people would do well to read the FRCP and the local rules.

  3. So in Kimberlin’s case, Bill volunteers to act as “journalist” to convince a judge that there is significant interest in sealed discovery. In Bill’s case, Brett volunteers to pretend to be an honest, aggrieved party who can somehow claim that Aaron is disreputable.
    I don’t know which claim is more ridiculous.

  4. I want to thank the people behind the scenes who just documented someone’s latest blog article that contained material that will be highly prejudicial to them. It was enlightening, it showed a pattern of avarice, denial of basic facts, well just too many to enumerate. This
    weekend has been just gold and I hope this litigant keeps not only digging holes for themselves, but for their violent unrepentant felon partners that they confirmed Friday on scribe and social media that there indeed is a relationship that spanned many years.

    Wow its just like the jelly of the month club

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  6. Exhibit 3 should lead to an order show cause re contempt for Billy and the bomber.

    That judge can find out how Billy got the sealed exhibits.

    And how about jail time for both for contempt?

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