Exhibitionism, Part Four

Here’s another installment in our review of the exhibits The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt has included with his motion to have Aaron Walker disqualified as defense counsel in LOLsuit VI: The Undiscovered Krendler. The review of Exhibit 1 is here. Exhibits 2 and 3 are considered here. This post looks at Exhibit 4.

This exhibit supposedly shows how Aaron has defamed the Cabin Boy™ via Twitter since 2013. The first page looks like this—EXHIBIT 4-1It runs for over 30 pages. If you want to slog through the whole thing, go here.

GoogleBSzoomAmong the things one can learn from Exhibit 4 is that the Cabin Boy™ thinks it is defamatory to call him fat. Truth is a defense to defamation under Wisconsin Law.

OTOH, Aaron does risk defaming fat people (like me) by putting us in the same category as Schmalfeldt. I’m fat. The Cabin Boy™ is obese.

Also, one of the tweets refers to his association with Brett Kimberlin. Does Schmalfeldt maintain that being called an associate of Brett Kimberlin is defamatory?


25 thoughts on “Exhibitionism, Part Four

  1. Apparently, an attorney isn’t allowed either a) to have or b) to express a negative opinion of the opposition. Who knew?

    • Titles of his own Books/CD/s/Comedy Bits

      “No Doorway Wide Enough”
      “Outrageous Accusations and Damnable Lies: Skillfully Told By a Brain Damaged Nobody”
      “Negro Next Door”
      “Damp Trousered Fear”
      “The Froyo Brian Spattered Conundrum”
      “Urine Stream Calibration Device”
      “Human Male Touches Himself”

      Yeah False negative light……

    • He’s erased perhaps over 100 blogs as well and maybe into the thousands of blog posts so this idiot is complaining that someone being sued in a circa 30 party complaint, which includes easily over a 100 Kimberlin authored documents is somehow a flaw

      Trying to stop the flood of stupidity by throwing more stupidity out there on social media

      Jelly of the month club, the gift that keeps on giving

    • He’s lying. (I know, quelle surprise, right?) The documents he’s claiming he hasn’t yet published online were all live on HIS Scribd account until earlier today.

      • This is reminiscent of the day he fell over while petting the dog, then the next day received a tub of European horse poop, and promptly sent an email to the LEOs, claiming that he had fallen over from the shock of opening the mail (which occurred one day in the future), only to shortly thereafter revise the story yet again, claiming that his wife opened the package.

        Or does it remind me of the time he posted ON TWITTER an email to the State’s Attorney in which he confessed to breaking the peace order, and then when Hoge posted that email a few months later, he wondered how Hoge got the email?

        Or maybe it reminds me of the time he posted his peace order application against Grady, tweeted it, then during the GREAT NON-FORGED LETTER CAPER OF 2015, claimed that no one could have seen the document, which is publicly archived and all over the net, so Grady and Hoge and Santa must have shared it and “forged” his signature?

        Decisions, decisions!

      • But, but…he took them offline, which makes it LOOK LIKE they were never offline…which means they ACTUALLY NEVER WERE ONLINE ever. Because history begins when I SAY it does because Fuck You That’s Why.

  2. I reiterate my voluntary suspension until midnight Sunday, March 6,2016, of my Cease and Desist demand to Bill Schmalfeldt, for the sole purpose of allow him to email me at plemmen55@gmail.com and request of me to travel to his home in St. Francis, Wisconsin to hear his Sacramental confession, to impose Sacramental penance and give Sacramental absolution, in the hopes of saving his immortal soul. Said email shall remain private as will the entire contents of his confession (the seal of the confessional is absolute). At midnight Sunday night, the suspension of the C&D will expire and return to full force.

  3. Good grief. it looks like he did a search for his name and then simply printed out tweets, some of which include screencaps of BS’s comments which suggest that he is, indeed, a serial cyberstalker, and….


  4. Why does he think evidence of what an unpleasant, unbalanced, deranged pest he is helps him?

    • He still doesn’t know the difference.

      Since I actually have a home, and it’s Saturday, I don’t think I need to explain where I am with a Clue-style reference.

  5. How the hell does he think any of this actually helps him? He’s obviously too stupid to have come up with this on his own so it’s a puzzle who talked him into stomping on his crank this bad.

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