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The Cabin Boy™ is counting unhatched chickens again.Cheddar201602290103ZHe has a habit doing that. The Gentle Reader who has been following this story for several years may remember when the Cabin Boy™ published this picture over at Breitbart Unmasked back when he was the site’s editor.

hogehouse11He was soooooo sure that he was going to win a judgment against me and wind up as the owner of stately Hoge Manor. What really happened is he wound up having a couple peace orders issued against him; having to take down posts and tweets that infringed my copyrights; and having three lawsuits and one set of counterclaims against me dismissed. Mrs. Hoge and I are still living at 20 Ridge Road, and the Cabin Boy™ has fled the state.

If the way he cut and ran when confronted by one defendant’s lawyer is any indication of Schmalfeldt’s confidence in his LOLsuit VI: The Undiscovered Krendler, I suspect that he will be equally unsuccessful in winning against the remaining defendants. Continuing to pursue that LOLsuit will result in a crushing defeat. Will he have enough sense to drop the suit before it becomes an expensive defeat as well?

Stay tuned.

29 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. He’s a deeply discounted Donald Trump with one very important difference.

    You can bet ever dollar that you’ll ever make that Trump has never spelled his own name wrong.

  2. While even I don’t think that old “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt is stupid enough to continue this farce past the first motion filed by his opposition, I do so hope he does. The enormous depth and breadth of his idiocy is simply stunning to behold and it would be a shame if he cuts and runs again before fully display exactly how far that stupidity goes.

  3. Soon, very very soon, Schmalfeldt is going to own EVERYTHING that Sarah and Eric have – including their wives.

    • That octagon shape you think is a window is actually the firing port, and what you think are trellises in front are carefully disguised radar targeting arrays.

  4. Cheddar Injection ‏@hotcheeseshot 22m22 minutes ago
    Hoge is begging me to drop the lawsuit. Scared that Sarah or Eric have something on him? We find out this week.

    Bill Schmalfeldt: Never NOT failing at basic reading comprehension.

    • Nothing can happen to me, I just acquired all rights to the next hit TV show “Real Housewives of Pennsylvania Avenue”

      I gots mine, also I’ll turn in John, Krendler, the Pope, Cruz, anyone for a box of Krispy Kremes..

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