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7 thoughts on “Logins

  1. I think I’ve figured out why BS has such an erroneous notion of what happens in a jury trial – he has appeared in several bench trials/hearings where the judge is the finder of fact and asks questions. In a jury trial, the parties ask the questions, and they have to be in accordance with the rules of evidence. That’s a one semester course in law school, by the way, so easy peasy.

    • He has been threatening lawsuits for those who disagree with him long before he met any of us. The fact that he has amassed soo many protective orders from sooo many judges and the fact that he allied himself, gave aid to someone who maybe responsible for the deaths of two or more people and set off bombs, brought underage girls into the country, dealt drugs, the fact that he immediately allied himself, made products, was editor of this bombing pedophiles blog, wrote letters to judges, and harassed and sued his detractors and those who the murdering psycho was suing isn’t going to play well with anyone.

      Yet he thinks that harassing me threatening everything I own is going to be a winner

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