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15 thoughts on “Logins

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt says (paraphrased): “Hoge lies when he says I visit his website. Here, let me show you his lies from the most recent time I visited his website.”

    Do I have that about right?

      • I’m guessing that Schmalfeldt views confession as a get-out-of-jail-free card so that he can continue with his harassment guilt-free.

        • He is a lapsed Catholic. To be effective, a confession needs to be accompanied by genuine contrition and sorrow for having sinned against God, and firm purpose of amendment. You cannot trick God.

  2. The amusing part is he can’t figure out how to avoid leaving footy-prints when he visits.

    More amusing, still, is that Team Kimberlin’s technical “experts” haven’t bothered to tell him how…

  3. To be fair, these posts don’t actually say these are *his* logins.

    But as the great philosopher Carly Simon once said, “I bet you think this post is about you…”

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