11 thoughts on “#FreeStacy

  1. *watches Twitter continue to burn*

    The best part is how this idiocy is bringing old guard conservatives and alt-right new bloods into proximity, to share experience and ideas. If the GOP implodes, it may make way for an entirely new animal — a true ‘constitutional conservative’ party.

    • Just a constitution-abiding party of any type would be fine with me. I gave up hope, years ago, that people in our political establishments would ever put the good of the country in front of their own self interests.

  2. No one actually *needs* Twitter, BUT Twitter NEEDS YOU!

    Unless the people at Twitter don’t actually care about continuing on as a profit-making enterprise. Which it sounds like they don’t.

    • They’re “Progressives”. Therefore they think there is an endless stream of money somewhere and all they have to do is tap into it. They also think anyone who doesn’t think like they do is stupid and will continue paying for a service that they don’t need and that sucks.

  3. Tweeting is for the birds anyway.

    That said, between Stacy and Milo, Twitter can [REDACTED] themselves right in their [REDACTED] with [REDCATED], [RECATED], [REDACTED], and [RECATED]. Oh, and they can also [RECATED].

    I may need to clean that up a bit after some careful reflection. After the wine wears off.

  4. The real drawback, from the SJW point of view, is that they have now fully engaged Stacy’s superpower of dark sarcasm and metaphor and simile.

    They are going to wish they had let him be, as one does leaves of three.

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