Da Tech Guy has an update on Twitter’s suspension of Stacy McCain.

Glenn Reynolds says he’s losing patience with Twitter. Professor, I lost a whole lot more than patience with ’em last year when I was suspended based on lies from Brett Kimberlin. Twitter is clearly an untrustworthy business partner. The only reason I use their service is the lack of a viable competitor. As soon as one appears, I will be an early adopter.

14 thoughts on “#FreeStacy

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  2. And of course they don’t seem to care about certain trolls coming back time after time when banned/suspended if the trolls are the right sort of people and the people they are attacking are not.

  3. Twitter is as much a public accommodation as a restaurant. If a restaurant may not legally refuse to service to Blacks, then, consistently, twitter ought not be legally able to refuse service to conservatives. That is what has happened to Stacey McCain. The SJW crap will end when their enablers realize the legal consequences for capitulating to the SJWs exceeds any troubles the SJWs may cause.

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  5. Hit twitter in the wallet. Every sponsored tweet you receive, send a reply, saying you are blocking them because @jack won’t #FreeStacy. $ is the only thing that will stop them.

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