Twitter has suspended Stacy McCain’s @rsmccain account.

I’m not surprised that this would happen within days of Twitter forming a “safety” posse with a membership heavily biased toward social justice warriors and completely lacking in free speech advocates.

@SexTroubleBook, the account he had been using to promote his latest book Sex Trouble, is still active.

5 thoughts on “#FreeStacy

  1. This was just a matter of time, Twitter HATES free speech. My personal anti-free speech goons have been reporting the hell out of him. (not to mention reporting accounts that they thought were me) I’m sure all the delicate feminists were in enraged at Stacy and have been calling criticism abuse and harassment. So how long before @Nero gets the boot.

    • I think they’re a little frightened of dropping the hammer on Milo. He’s already publicly humiliated them over his deverification.

  2. We really need conservative alternatives to twitter and facebook. Both companies are obviously biased against conservative views and reason in general.

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