Another One Bites the Dust

So with a likely total recovery of no more than $0.15 instead of $150,000 times dozens of images and the necessity of filing his next LOLsuit in North Carolina, the Cabin Boy™ has done the math and determined that a $400 filing fee and several possible trips to Greensboro make his threatened copyright LOLsuit an economic loser.Cheddar201602190618Zmovie popcornI wonder what his next form of self-inflicted damage will be?

Meanwhile, the Gentle Reader can stock up on popcorn from Amazon by clicking on the image on the left.

68 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust

    • My guess is that he will take the 150k number he pulled out of his ass and try to file criminal charges for grand theft. Come on, you KNOW he is stupid enough to think that will fly.

      • I have got to think that the hardest part of police academy training has got to be learning how to deal with fucksticks like Bill Schmalfeldt with a straight face and serious tone.

        I know I’d rather face down a meth’d-up thug waving a Tec-9 than have to not laugh in DUMBFUCK’s face…

        • Dude… You are so spot on with this statement.

          As a former law enforcement officer, I can tell with 100% certainty that dealing with retards like the St Francis Fuckwad came only second to abused kids in frustrating situations… and you had to fight the urge to deal with either situation with your Asp.


          “Stop resisting.”


          “Stop resisting.”

          /50% sarc off


  1. Bill running away like a coward from his lawsuits (and threats thereof) is becoming something of a constant isn’t it?

      • Just about everything he does with the internet has the intent to harass someone, somewhere.

        Even his political stuff – which I don’t touch with a 10 foot pole, mind you because people are free to rant and rave about politics to their heart’s content IMO – is meant to provoke response. Perhaps if he stuck to his political stuff we wouldn’t find a need to document his antics at trying to threaten/cajole/extort whatever his need du jure of the day is.He’d just be another political crank trying to get people spun up because he thinks Trump is an idiot.

        See? I can give him advice! And be nice about it!

  2. Are his “lawyers” at Just Answers licensed to practice in Wisconsin? Hmm?

  3. Looks like he thinks the feds are going to prosecute everyone for criminal copyright infringement.

    The delusions are strong with this one.

    • Yes. From his blog:
      “After giving the matter a great deal of thought, for couple minutes, I’ve decided I am not going to file a copyright infringement lawsuit. Therefore… I have done everything I plan to do about the infringement of my copyrights.
      I imagine the US attorney’s office in Milwaukee will have my documentation by Monday, and we will see what they think of all of this.”

      I think this is great news. Several people can also contact the USAs office and let them know that someone has been filing false DMCA takedown notices AND copyrighting material that they did not write. Maybe they’ll get to the bottom of these mysteries.

      • He’s lying. Schmalfeldt didn’t send a goddamned thing to the U.S Attorney’s office. Even Bill isn’t that stupid.

        • No, he is that stupid. The US Attorney’s office will review this, and like all other threats, nothing will come from it. He is so much bluster, so much monkey dance, but nothing will change. His lawsuit against BPO and Ash will end up dismissed and Bill will have spent a lot of money and nothing to show for it because DUMBFUCK is just that.

          Now, back to polka music no one is listening to.

        • My guiding slogan is: “If Deb Frisch was dumb enough to do it, Bill Schmalfeldt is dumb enough to do it.”
          Deb Frisch emailed US Attorneys all the time.
          Ergo, Billy is dumb enough to do it.

        • Just as he thinks he’ll taunt Krendler into an action that would reveal his identity or in the same way cause a commenter to roll on Krendler’s identity, he imagine faking contact with the USA’s office will result in commenter’s flooding that office with material, causing that office to investigate and making commenters look like fools in the process.

  4. Any time Schmalfeldt says he is notifying/contacting/complaining-to some local/state/federal government agency/LEO/politician, everyone should immediately send Schmalfeldt’s statement to that (whomever) so that they know that this Schmalfeldt guy is invoking their authority.

  5. “I’ve settled on something that will be far more damaging.” Probably as truthful a statement as he can make. The problem is that he just doesn’t realize who is going to get damaged.

  6. Ahhh Good times:

    Swede wrote:
    Bill has asked me to post the following:

    “The Jovial One, a.k.a. ParkyBill or by his real name, Bill Schmalfeldt, is doing very well as can be ascertained by any idiot with “the Google” on his computer. Since he was unfairly booted from this sad little community, he has published five books which are available at all major online booksellers. For those of you with more than a third-grade comprehension (that eliminates SO MANY of you), feel free to flame my blog at or You can also check out my work at, or at

    See, I don’t frequent filthy little glory holes like this one. I have a blog of my own. Two, in fact.

    And to Wolfie, who seems to have picked up the stupid stick when the oily little night watchman dropped it, go ahead and buy one of the books about Parkinson’s. I’m donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the National Parkinson Foundation and the Charles DBS Research Fund at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. I would suggest getting the PDF download. The paperback and hardcover are probably out of your price range. And please, wash your hands when you read it so whoever looks at it afterward doesn’t have to deal with your booger stains.

    I’m delighted to wake up in my skin each day, kiddies! I work from home, but I still get that good government money! (Thanks for paying your taxes. Every penny helps, so keep those burger-flippin’ jobs while ya got ’em!)

    Life is good. For me.


    Xmfan, 3 years before he met John Hoge

    • “See, I don’t frequent filthy little glory holes like this one…but I know that Wolfie seems to have picked up the stupid stick when the oily little night watchman dropped it…because I do in fact frequent filthy little glory holes that Big Jxxx showed me when I was a young lad. I always wanted to be on the other side, but Big Jxxx told me the money came from that side to where we were, so it wa better to be on this side.

      …or so I heard.

  7. Not the first time:

    The Jovial One has a new liberal hideout since Jun 2008!!! He has 702 posts and has a DONOR badge.

    XMFAN is basically a forum site put together by someone who is selling radios. There are a large number of forum topics — only one of which is political in nature. The moderators, all personal friends of the site owner, are well known for supporting their friends in disputes and consistently rule in their favor. There is no moderation for things like “name calling” or the sorts of things that can get you “warned” or even “banned” on forums like PF.

    I made a bet with one of the reasonable and friendly conservatives that Obama WOULD become the presumptive Democratic nominee before the convention… the terms were, the loser would have to use an avatar of the winner’s choice for 30 days. When Hillary dropped out, rather than come up with something to mock conservatives, I decided my friend should use the logo of the American Parkinson’s Disease Assocation — to raise awareness of PD issues (something I care deeply about).

    One of the forum neer-do-wells took this avatar and defaced it and applied it to his own account.

    When I suggested to the site owner that the American Parkinson’s Association would not look kindly on one of the posters defacing their logo on an avatar, changing the motto from “To Ease the Burden, To Find the Cure” to “To Ease the Burden, Euthanize”, I was banned. No previous warnings. I made no threats, I certainly did not threaten to SUE as I have no standing to do so. I was polite, I was respectful in my note to the site administrator, and I was banned.

    I am honored that several of my friends decided “enough is enough” and joined me here, and I look forward to years of intelligent discussion — with fair moderation.

    Note that 702 posts in what looks like to be a few weeks in May/June of 2008

    • TJO: When I suggested to the site owner that the American Parkinson’s Association would not look kindly on one of the posters defacing their logo on an avatar, changing the motto from “To Ease the Burden, To Find the Cure” to “To Ease the Burden, Euthanize”

      Site Owner: Really, TJO? Hmph. I wonder how the American Parkinson’s Association would even find out about one user changing a logo. Do you have any thoughts on how such information might get in front of them?

      TJO: Uhhh…maybe I didn’t think this through…

      Site Owner: Maybe you didn’t. Because I can think of one REALLY OBVIOUS way they might find out about it. And it sounds an awful lot like that REALLY OBVIOUS way just politely suggested that I gotta a really nice forum here, would be a shame if somethin’ was to happen to it. Does it sound like that to you, TJO?

      TJO: No! No, that’s not what I meant at all.

      Site Owner: Well, you know what? You are welcome here at my discretion and benificence, which just happens to have run dry. Don’t let the door hitya where the Good Lord splitya!

    • “You should have seen some of the hateful shit he PM’d me. The guy was pure evil. I’m glad Ryan kicked his ass off the forum.” (TRG)

      “I started in the pol forum just to needle him because he was such a pompous ass. It had nothing to do with his politics. Little did I know I was provoking a lunatic. Some of his stuff he posted about Brian202 and XM in Dallas was really creepy. He went after theaprilfool pretty good too.” (Daver40)

    • I think it’s nice that a developmentally disabled lad such as your self has developed keyboard skills. You must be one of those “higher function” tards.

      Nice to see the Progressive Bill “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt shows the same empathy for the disabled that he demands for himself.

    • And here someone tried to explain Reality to Billy way back in 2003 (shortly after XM shitcanned his show):

      BS: “I’ve heard from others who also didn’t care for the occasional politically-tinged comment. But I’ve also heard from others who enjoyed them Matter of taste, I suppose. All part of being the “real people”…I always felt that by being true to myself, I could be true to my listeners.”

      Good Samaritan: “Bill, I think that missed my point a little bit. The “real person” aspect of the DJs on XM is IMHO one of the most valuable assets of XM. I think their opinions, emotions, etc. make up their very essence and I certainly don’t feel that they shouldn’t have them, nor be free to express them. But personally, I feel that there are certain hot zones that have a high risk of alienating a lot of people – and that sometimes, some consideration could be given to that fact. Frankly, I didn’t even always disagree with the comments. But honestly, that’s my opinion and I found it distracting sometimes.”

      Damn. So this shitshow has been going on for at least a dozen years.

      • So this shitshow has been going on for at least a dozen years.

        You don’t get to Bill Schmalfeldt’s level of screwing yourself without lots of practice!

      • It does make it clear his claim to have no problems with his reputation prior to being Kimberlin’s funky is, shall we say, less than completely honest.

  8. More damaging? I can’t imagine anything more damaging than a person with four minty fresh no contact orders trying to get a US Attorney interested in claims he is being harassed and had his copyright work stolen by one of the people with said no contact orders. US Attorneys do not look highly on trying to be played – does he think they don’t have access to pacer, either? Talk about bringing unwanted attention onto yourself. Which means Bill is going to do it, because it is one of the stupidest things he could do.

    • As an observation, I am less than thrilled with the response time as a paying member.

      He paid $$ for that.

      Thank you for the positive rating and the generous bonus. Good luck with your lawsuit.

      And gave a tip!

        • And since the lawyer answered the question he asked and not the one he meant to ask, the answer will be used to create new lulz for us.

    • Can’t fing believe it. DF really should look for a reality show talent agent. Much like Honey BooBoo. It just can’t get any more third grade Cheese and Mac.

  9. Oh looky.. the down twinkle fairy paid a visit.

    About the only thing you can do, Blob…. nothing else you try to do to anybody has any effect. Hasn’t changed much from the XMFan dayz, huh?

    So keep on hitting that thumbs down, fatboy. At least you will be able to claim that you did something… no matter how inconsequential.

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