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Judge Hazel has ruled on several pending motions in the Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Remnant LOLsuit. On the whole, things did not go well for The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin. He did manage to dodge sanctions for his duplicative subpoena to Aaron Walker, but his motion to compel Aaron Walker to respond to the subpoena was denied. He also managed to avoid being sanctioned for his sealed motion against me. He now has to serve me a copy of the motion, and I will now be bound by the protective order concerning the confidentiality of material provided by Patrick Frey. The big hit was the denial of his motion for a further amended complaint.

I do not wish to make any additional public comments on the Letter Order as it relates to me until I have been served with TPDK’s motion and had an opportunity to review it. Even then, the constraints imposed by the protective order may limit what I have to say.

10 thoughts on “RICO Remnant News

  1. So according to Judge Hazel, the word “must” in Rule 45(d)(1) means “may,” and he cites in support a ruling in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals—aside from having no precedential force in the 4th Circuit, also the most overturned circuit in the country. Brilliant.

    Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen…. because forget it Jake, it’s Maryland.

  2. Lots of DENIED in there for the plaintiff. I’m not a lawyer or a Quantum Mechanic but I’m pretty sure that isn’t good for the Tiny Pedo.

    • Does that really matter in pursuit of lawfare, though?

      Seems that losing is almost as good as winning, as long as you get to keep submitting more stuff to harass your targets.

  3. There once was a bomber from Speedway,
    who asked the court judge for a delay.
    Prison, it seemed,
    was not part of his dream,
    but the parole board…

    I can’t figure out that last part. Someone help me out here.

  4. We got 90% of what we wanted. that makes the judge 10% wrong, but still, that is good news.

    Not being able to amend is huge, for instance. Who knows what crazy that would have brought. And he denied Brett’s motion to compel on terms that i think apply equally to John Hoge. So that motion is a “dead man walking.”

  5. “see also Wonasue v. Univ. of Md. Alumni ass’n”

    can be shortened to “see also Wanna Sue vs. Univ. of Md. Alumni, ass!”

    May I state again that I would have no knowledge whatsoever about the assorted convictions (terrorist bombings, marijuana dealings) and allegations (marrying an underage foreign bride, trying to make out with her underage sister? cousin? I forget.) let alone music reviews “Who doesn’t like f0cking young girls?” – Brett Kimberlin… where was I… oh yes, I would have zero knowledge of the various foibles of Brett Coleman Kimberlin if it were not for the deranged antics of William Schmalfeldt in keeping them front and center in the court of public opinion.

    Really, that’s the truth of the internet these days. If there were no Bill, many fewer people would have heard of Brett. And at this point, anything Bill Schmalfeldt says or does will forever bring up mentions of his “most excellent friend” Brett Kimberlin.

    Should’ve polished the DF off, before trying brass knuckles reputation management.

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