Adult Supervision?

It’s being reported that Hillary may wind up with the same number of delegates from New Hampshire as Bernie even though he won a crushing victory at the poles. Here’s how.

popcorn4bkThere were 24 delegates up for grabs in the New Hampshire primary to be awarded proportionally based on the vote tally. Bernie won 15. Hillary got 9. However, there are also 6 superdelegates. These party elders have not been swayed like the many youngsters who voted for Bernie, and they intend to cast their convention votes for Hillary who they see as the electable candidate.

9 + 6 = 15. It’s a tie.

Sanders is wrong about most things, but he’s right when he says the deck is stacked against him.

9 thoughts on “Adult Supervision?

  1. So the socialist, er wait I mean Dem party believes in the sanctity of voting and that Every vote counts……….except when the politburo… er wait chosen one, er wait Shillary is denied her rightful position on the wait pedestal, er rightfully obtained leadership position. If that can’t be anointed then screw it, RAM IT DOWN THEIR THROATS.

    • Oh, they’re all for democracy, as long as the great unwashed masses don’t get above themselves and think they matter as much as their betters.

  2. Same deal last time.

    It was fun, watching local bloggers heads explode as they realised that it was the Democrats who were setup so they could ignore the will of the people.

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