Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Here’s a bit of Wisconsin case law that may affect the Cabin Boy’s™ LOLsuit VI: The Undiscovered Krendler—

Wisconsin does not recognize “false light invasion of privacy[.]”

Ladd v. Uecker, 2010 WI.App. 28, 789 N.W.2d 216, 218 (2010). IANAL, but it raises an interesting question.

40 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I’ve been trying to keep that quiet for days, if only because I know how much William loves surprises.

    But, yeah, that.

    Fun fact. The other night, I typed “false light invasion of privacy + wisconsin” into my search engine. The fact that it doesn’t exist there was the first result.

    Another fun fact? I’m not suing anyone for it. William is. And he didn’t check before wasting his free amendment and making himsself look like a retard in front of the court.

    But that’s not the only surprise in William’s disaster of a lulzsuit. Not by a long shot.

  2. “Aren’t you false light invasion of privacy?”

    “No, I think you must have me confused with some other tort.”

  3. Anyone taking bets on the Blobs response to this Case-Busting Legal Detail? What lies must he tell to save face and attempt to show his isn’t the Colossal Dumb F#@k we all know him to be.

    1) He could ignore it,
    2) Rebrand and delete everything(again),
    3) Act as if he was only “testing” us to make sure WE know the law as well as he does.
    4) Tell Mr Hoge thanks for the free legal information
    5) Federal Court vs Wisconsin State Court differences
    6) Combo of all above

      • “Dear Mommy Judge,

        Why isn’t this Maryland? What’s up with that? I will live to see Hoge pay!”

        William M. Schmalfeldt”

    • I’m going to go with a combination of 1 and 2 here. DUMBFUCK really hates it when he is proven wrong and that happens a LOT. He hates it worse when the Almighty Leader Hoge does it.

  4. An internet writer, attempted comedian, author of several books, creator of dozens of blogs, former national/satellite radio host and frequent litigant is criticized roundly by the only group of people who still remember his name. He sues. He continues to write about his supposed tormentors in the most juvenile ways.

    This is not a path to success.

    • I beg to deffer with one part of your comment, Dave.

      When it comes to the the lulzsuits, William might just be the greatest comedian of all time. They seem to be an attempt to reboot “To Kill A Mockingbird” with Chris Burke as Atticus Finch, which is such a really good idea when you think about it.

  5. I’m a bit disappointed this came up here. I mean, it’s completely obvious for anyone who did any research at all after the LOLsuit was filed, but I was hoping it wouldn’t come to light until after the /next/ LOLsuit was brought.

    • William is America’s leading expert in filing fatally flawed lulzsuits. In the immortal words of Carly Simon, “Nobody Does It Better.”

      No matter how many legal deficiencies we point out to William, there are always others that he accidentally littered his litigation with, like so many IEDs.

  6. “One of us is playing offense. That would be the plaintiff. The other has to defend himself. That would be the defendant.”

    Civil procedure explained by William Smellfart, Twitter Attorney at Law, collector of multiple court orders from multiple states for harassment and stalking.

  7. This scene comes to mind, perhaps inferring to much coolness to Schmalfeldt’s action but all the prep, hype and turning the throttles of justice up to 11venty seems to make it fit.

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