RICO 2 Follies

Earlier this week, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin filed this in the Kimberlin v. Team Themis, et al. RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit—

This morning, I filed this in reply—

My filing contains everything I wish to say publicly about the matter. However, I am informed that Aaron Walker will have a post about this over at Allergic to Bull later today.

22 thoughts on “RICO 2 Follies

  1. Gee. I thought some people have said that Walker is an unemployed attorney, with the implication being that he is incompetent. If so, why would any opponent object to his writing motions on a third party’s behalf.

  2. Let’s see if I have this straight….

    An ex-con jailhouse lawyer with rather extensive experience in conducting lawfare consistently gets his litigious ass handed to him by one of the targets of said lawfare who happens to be acting pro se, albeit in a far more professional way than said jailhouse lawyer.

    Why, Your Honor, that’s UNPOSSIBLE!

    Said jailhouse lawyer – a convicted perjurer and forger – then “produces” [whichever sense of the word you choose] documents of unknown provenance to back up a claim that the opposing pro se is somehow cheating?

    Have I got that right so far?

    • Nah, I take it as a confession that Brett writes notes to himself in that manner, which is how he knows #AaronDidIt.

  3. It’s stunning that Judge Hazel is putting up with this. What respect is due a court that continuously accepts abject contempt?

    There are very important, real legal issues in actual controversies before this judge in other matters, yet he continues to allow a pedophile with a perjury conviction to waste his time.


  4. My first thought is…how the hell did Kimberlin get access to this original document? Either he illegally hacked into Mr. Hoge’s computer or e-mail account, or it had to be made available by either Hoge or Walker. If the first, Kimberlin committed another crime; if the latter, then Kimberlin is the stupidest person in the world* for not asking “How did this information come out?” before running off to court.

    * Mind, that Kimberlin is the stupidest person in the world for other reasons is not in dispute here.

    • Well, the answer of how is in my post on the subject, although attorney client privilege prevents me from saying why.

  5. Good timing I had just popped some pop corn then sat down, fired up the computer and went to Hogewash.
    It is my understanding that judges prefer for pro se’s to have their motions looked over by an attorney before being submitted to the court.

  6. As a person not admitted to the bar in Maryland, a perhaps semi-humorous take on it:
    Plaintiff has now provided a response to the court requesting that every docket item he has filed with that court should be stricken from the record and that he should show cause for why he “should not be sanctioned, held in contempt, and referred for criminal prosecution for blatantly engaging in the unauthorized practice of law…”

    I note this as in just about every instance that references “Defendant Hoge” or “Walker”, “plaintiff” can be substituted in and be just as relevant, if not more so. (Try it, it makes for a more interesting read.)

    After all, “[Plaintiff] is not a member of the Maryland Bar, has not been admitted to the Bar[**], is not licensed to practice law in Maryland, and is not a member of the Bar of this Court”; but, yet he claims to have prepared and filed every document submitted on his behalf to the court.*

    * Yes, I’m glossing over the “Except as otherwise provided by law…” noted in paragraph 2. But, as a person not admitted to the bar in Maryland, I plead ignorance as to what those exceptions entail.

    ** Didn’t catch it the first time, but upon typing it in, I noticed the shift in goalposts here – and a potentially misleading statement. It is my understanding that Aaron is a member of the bar in Virginia and DC – so, as stated, that portion would appear to be inaccurate. Whether leaving out the word “Maryland” was intentional or not is up to the reader to decide.

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  8. There does seem to be a teensy bit of inconsistency about licensing going on here.

    I needed to pass both a written and a practical exam to get a license to drive a car in my state, but my license is honored in all states.

    I needed to pass both a written and a practical exam to get a license to own or carry a weapon in my state, but that license is NOT honored in all states.

    If I wanted to be a licensed attorney and practice law on behalf of others in my state (or any other) I would need to earn a JDpass both a written exam and , yet that would NOT ALLOW ME to practice law in ANY STATE WHERE I AM NOT LICENSED.

    If I want to practice law on my own behalf, I can do that anywhere I damn well please, no tests or licenses required.


    Actually, in hindsight it stopped being funny somewhere in the middle there.

  9. I can’t wait to see the Diddler’s face when he finally understands why no one is scared of him and is laughing at him.

  10. Um. Wow.

    I know we’re not supposed to educate the tiny terrorist here, but let me offer him some unsolicited advice: STOP DIGGING YOUR OWN (figurative) GRAVE!

    I’m not going to say why this is an especially improper filing, but as an attorney, HOLY SHIT HE ACTUALLY FILED THAT.

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