Well, That Was Quick

Judge Hazel has ordered The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin to comply with the Court’s Rules.

popcorn4bkThere are a couple important things that Judge Hazel did not do. First, he did not bend the Rules in order to cut a pro se plaintiff any undue slack. Second, he has taken no steps to grant TDPK any “relief” from the requirement that he obey the protective order in the Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Remnant LOLsuit. It will interesting to see if TDPK is capable of dotting the Is and crossing the Ts properly.

UPDATE—Oooooh, I just noticed something else. “… shall file and serve …”


38 thoughts on “Well, That Was Quick

  1. SPOILER:Brett will do something wildly inappropriate. Might even get sanctioned, this time.

  2. So Kimby has 14 days to type his amended complaint and his marked-up original and serve them on the parties. That’s a lot of work, and chances are it will be denied anyway. That or dismissed by summary judgment. So have at it, Kimby. That should keep you off the streets for the next two weeks.

    • I don’t believe he has ever submitted a marked-up original and doubt he will ever do so. He certainly has never been sanctioned for it before, so there’s little reason for him to change. The only thing he will submit is an amended complaint.

      • The argument for all the passes on ruloe following has been made that the purpose is to allow the judge to build an appeal proof case. That only by extending any number of passes and bent rules could he ensure that his rulings would not be appealed.

        Now, all of a sudden it seems, dotting i’s and crossing t’s matters.

        So it is logical to ask: does this mean that the judge no longer cares about being appeal proof?

        • Possibly. Or perhaps simply a case of ‘OK, I’ve given him enough rope, let’s see if he hangs himself with it.’

        • I hate guessing what goes through someone else’s mind: I am not always sure what is going through my mind. But it may be that Hazel is just tired of the incompetency.

        • He still gets a minor pass on the rules as I understand it. The motion was filed wrong and should be striken or denied (I think? IANAL). Instead he gets 14 days to “fix” it.
          Well actually he’s ordered to fix it. Which we know he can’t.

  3. I find it interesting that the order does not say “…or the case will be dismissed.”

    Which I fantasize means “you WILL do this, or be held in contempt. You can not request a dismissal or count on it being dismissed; you’ve wasted enough of This Court’s time already with your assing around, and you WILL do this, even though This Court is going to dismiss the whole thing as soon as This Court can. But before then, This Court will get some work out of your scrawny, pedophilic ass, or put your scrawny, pedophilic ass in jail.”

  4. It would appear that the noose is slowly being tightened. Is this similar to how one boils a frog in an open pan?

  5. It should be said before adjudicated toddler stalking Bill or the editor of a website nobody reads blames another one of Brett’s losses on a vast right wing conspiracy of right wing judges that the judge in this case is an Obama appointee and the youngest judge in the federal judiciary.

    While I wish the judge had done more of this and earlier, I do cut him some slack. He’s learning the job and his clerks are learning him. In about 5 months will be his second anniversary on the job and I imagine he’s now comfortable enough and his office running smoothly enough to start batting down frivolous suits like these.

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