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  1. Does the apartment complex where he lives organize day-outings for groups? Maybe BS would do better if he got out with other folks to see nice things – museums, stage-play matinees, etc.
    If there is no one where he lives that he would stoop to socialize with?

    • I think you have that last sentence backwards. ESPECIALLY when the cops come, again, to serve two more restraining orders on him.

  2. The strange thing is that, after he moved and turned over a new leaf, he now has a 100% rate on getting protective orders against him. He didn’t have that kind of “success” rate before.

    It is bad enough that he got three orders from three different adults in three different states, but he also has be given an order to stop harassing A CHILD! I’m sure that will be well received in his housing complex – the nuns and any grandparents will find it particularly horrifying.

    • Agile,

      You are leaping to conclusions. You are making assumptions about a group of people who apparently invited Witless Willie to join them and have apparently welcomed him with open arms. You cannot just assume that people who would do so are opposed to stalking toddlers.

      We (or at least I) have virtually no knowledge of the management or residents of Witless Willie’s place of abode. Admittedly, Willie has said that one of the nuns is named Sister Mary Terminator, so some might view that name as a clue to the true nature of the denizens of that place.

      Is Willie being incited to get more restraining orders, is he being aided and abetted in his efforts? Ahh well, the role of management and staff in Willie’s various escapades will be explored during discovery. I suspect a good place to start is to find out whether Sister Mary Terminator has a criminal record, whether or not it is true that she was immured in a nunnery because her father, Dr. Mengele, was afraid of her.

      • Remember, not all nun are saintly women. If you do a google search on dissident nuns, you will find nuns that agitate for many shocking things, including those who advocate for abortion, including live birth abortion and partial birth abortion! Lord have mercy on their blackened souls!

  3. I think it’s time that we all recognized this for what it is, a conspiracy to make William look like a deranged cyberstalker. It’s a conspiracy that counts as its members you, me, 9 gullible judges in 7 gullible states that are owned by the GOP (like Maryland and Illinois!) and – most disturbingly – William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr. his own damn self!


  4. So, if we were to compile a “CC:” list of parties who should get copies of these new restraining orders, who would be on the list?

    1) Cardinal Capital Management?
    2) Canticle and Juniper Courts overseers?
    3) Sister Mary Terminator?
    4) St. Francis local PD?

  5. I’m sorry she had to become Bill’s next victim, but I’m very happy for her today. I really hope THESE TWO No Stalking Orders can afford her some much needed peace and security. I also hope Bill Schmalfeldt takes the news of two new protective orders against him very seriously. He needs to examine his online behavior and make some much needed changes.

    • And if Billy doesn’t take the hint? 1) File a police report for every violation.
      2) Send (appropriately redacted) copies of the police report to appropriate police departments/apartment managers in St. Francis, Wisconsin.

  6. Bill will just spin this as another RWNJ judge (Right Wing Nut Judge?) doing him wrong. He’s just a poor pathetic victim who would never bother anyone. The court obviously doesn’t grasp NC law as well as he does. And on and on and on

    • Oh, yes, clearly a nut job! LOL

      “The North Carolina Bar Association asked its members to rank incumbent judges with terms ending in 2012 on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being “excellent.” Below are Grogan’s ratings in five categories and overall:
      Overall: 4.59
      Integrity & Fairness: 4.55
      Legal Ability: 4.53
      Professionalism: 4.76
      Communication: 4.64
      Administrative Skills: 4.63.”

    • Yes, it’s always the LIES the world keeps telling about him and it’s never the documented actions of one William Schmalfeldt, Sr.

      The dumbassery in this one is terminal.

    • I know why you keep justifying every post as a running joke. But honestly, the easiest thing to say to any employer…or anybody…is “Google Bill Schmalfeldt”. That ends all worries and discussion. It keeps getting worse for him, too.

    • I disagree with the preceding reply.

      First, a running gag only works if it runs.

      But second, and far more important, it exposes for all to see the sniveling incompetence and juvenile malevolence of the goop. He can’t fashion a coherent claim against you so he tries to cause you trouble by bringing a ridiculous complaint against another in order to harm you extra-legally. Throwing back in his face day after day your deserved contempt for what even he knows, or should know, is abusive but futile litigation is fully justified and quite amusing.

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