28 thoughts on “And In Other Legal News …

  1. I mentioned earlier today that I’ve been messing about in courthouses

    Sentance is plural, filing is singular. Any other shoes to drop?

  2. Kimberlin has a short fuse and is prone to explode when his “truth” is demolished, but at least he’s mostly stink and doesn’t have enough substance to do much more than blow smoke.

  3. I was hoping to to see the “V” word in Our Esteemed Host’s requests for Prayer for Relief.

    Did the pleading include enough examples for the judge to consider it?

    Does that declaration require a specific pleading?

    • Circuit Courts in MD may issue such an injunction sua sponte under MD Rule 15-602(b), after the proposed vexatious litigant has received notice and been given an opportunity to be heard.

      There appear to be no black-letter rules as to what exactly might trigger such an injunction; it’s a judgment call.

  4. Kimberlin is obsessed with using the courts to punish his enemies. Ah, it was so much easier in the old days. Bombs were easier to make than cogent legal arguments.

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