Another Endorsement

Not from me, but it looks like the Texans are banding together. Rick Perry has endorsed Ted Cruz.

That could be a smooth move on Perry’s part. If Cruz goes all the way, he’s on board early enough to get a good seat for the ride. If someone else gets the nomination, he was just helping a fellow Texas conservative, and he can move to support the winner, no harm/no foul.


2 thoughts on “Another Endorsement

  1. Rick Perry appointed Ted to his position that started his career. Perry is very loyal and to my knowledge has always supported his Republican fellow Texans.

  2. I am wondering how much a Rick Perry endorsement helps Ted outside of Texas.

    Rick has not been wildly popular over the last two election cycles.

    I am a HUGE Cruz supporter, and this makes me think more highly of Perry, but I don’t know how many people who are on the fence will be swayed.

    Still, anybody with at least two brain cells realizes Donald Trump is not a Republican and certainly NOT a Conservative.

    Time to dig deeper and make another Cruz contribution.

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