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NQ01601211819ZIf the Cabin Boy™ were to bother to read his copy of the stalking no contact order issued against him on behalf of Patrick Grady, he would see that he is forbidden from communicating “to or about” Mr. Grady. NCO_b1It may be that Cook County is interested in seeing that the orders of its courts are obeyed. BTW, Wisconsin recognizes out-of-state orders as enforceable in Wisconsin.

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  1. He seems to not understand that Grady is not Krendler. He has been told this numerous times, but he refuses to believe it, even though he has little evidence to prove it.

    But, you know.. keep stalking him Bill. You aren’t entitled to an answer to your question because you shouldn’t be asking it in the first place. Remember, don’t drop the soap!

      • Grady isn’t Krendler.. Grady isn’t Krendler..Grady isn’t Krendler.. Grady isn’t Krendler..Grady isn’t Krendler.. Grady isn’t Krendler..Grady isn’t Krendler.. Grady isn’t Krendler..Grady isn’t Krendler.. Grady isn’t Krendler..Grady isn’t Krendler.. Grady isn’t Krendler..Grady isn’t Krendler.. Grady isn’t Krendler..Grady isn’t Krendler.. Grady isn’t Krendler..Grady isn’t Krendler.. Grady isn’t Krendler..


        • I certify that everything I said in the above post is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

          — /s —

    • Ah, but given that he seems quite convinced to the contrary, Mens Rea should apply. Given that, to the casual observer, he certainly seems to believe that he is talking to and about Mr. Grady. Even contacting his (putative) church.

      Can Bill even spell S-T-A-L-K-I-N-G?

  2. Isn’t there something in there about not monitoring, surveiling, or observing? I would definitely say Bill is at the very least Monitoring. Maybe Bill should actually read what the court sends him once in a while.

    • He’s lost his mind. A person cannot be that stupid and still remember to breathe.

      He assumes Krendler is Grady. Which is stupid because he’s admitted many times he doesn’t really know who Krendler is.

      He assumes the woman mentioned in the church bulletin is actually Grady’s wife. Is it? Could be. After all, the surname “Grady” is almost unheard of in this country.

      He assumes surgery=spousal abuse. This one amazes me. Now I’ve seen Willy make an ass of himself time after time by ASSuming really stupid things, but this is undoubtedly the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

      And he’s writing all this while there’s an active restraining order on him.

      I can honestly say I don’t know how to feel about this.

        • ‘It’s like the monk ability that lets you jump any distance, but it only applies to conclusions.’ –Roy Greenhilt, Order of the Stick.

      • Maybe that’s why he didn’t get any medical care for his loved ones: afraid he would be accused of passing out Irish sunglasses?

        On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 2:25 PM, hogewash wrote:

        > Perry Mason commented: “He’s lost his mind. A person cannot be that stupid > and still remember to breathe. He assumes Krendler is Grady. Which is > stupid because he’s admitted many times he doesn’t really know who Krendler > is. He assumes the woman mentioned in the church bu” >

      • “He assumes surgery=spousal abuse.”

        Most authors write about their personal experiences. Just saying.

    • the dodge he has used and will probably use again here is the “fear for his safety” bit and we’ll be treated to yet another round of how helpless the big faker is and how ridiculous it is for anyone to fear his stalking. All one of us has to do is cue up the picture of him abusing an AR-15 one more time.

  3. If there’s anything we learned from the Deb Frisch case, it’s that none of this stuff goes anywhere without filing paperwork with law enforcement. I hope the victim has been filing police reports every time Billy violates the restraining order. (Sometimes prosecutors need a PILE of paperwork before they’ll do diddly.)

    • He did move significantly closer to his stalking victim. And I thought the cold exacerbated his stage ISXYWJNSWY Parkinson’s.

    • Quite. In a case that I followed here, the police had a “policy” whereby the offender got a couple of strikes before they actually did anything. So you’ve got to make sure you report everything.

      But then, there was another incident I heard of where the police didn’t want to turn up to a situation where the person with the order was actually trying to get into the house – only days after a case made the news where the police hadn’t bothered to enforce an order and it resulted in the protected dying.

  4. i would think The Blobs latest droppings would make a fine exhibit in proving that he is still stalking Grady.

    How truly DESPERATE Stinky must be to draw attention away from the 3per impersonation/fogery, to resort to actively violating a standing RO.

    makes you wonder what bread crumbs he forgot to clean up dont it?

    • Hey, this is success for Bill. He has presumably been tasked with distracting from Brett Kimberlin’s failures in court last week.

      Job well done, if you ask me.

  5. So… in two days he’s likely committed identity theft, definitely committed libel, and violated a no-stalking order in multiple ways.

    • No Quarter ‏@YouGetNoQuarter · 54m54 minutes ago
      Here’s the offer one more time. Stop writng about me. Take down the blog and blog about something other than me. Same goes for Sarah.

      Hmmm…how do you translate “Eat Me, Biatch!” into Zombish?

  6. I always wondered who the target audience for this would be. I always imagined it would be incredibly stupid people. Turns out I was right. Who here doesn’t think Bill uses one of these in his decision making process?

  7. Illinois statutes

    (740 ILCS 21/125)
    Sec. 125. Violation. An initial knowing violation of a stalking no contact order is a Class A misdemeanor. A second or subsequent knowing violation is a Class 4 felony.
    (Source: P.A. 96-246, eff. 1-1-10.)

    (740 ILCS 21/130)
    Sec. 130. Arrest without warrant.
    (a) Any law enforcement officer may make an arrest without warrant if the officer has probable cause to believe that the person has committed or is committing a violation of a stalking no contact order.
    (b) The law enforcement officer may verify the existence of a stalking no contact order by telephone or radio communication with his or her law enforcement agency or by referring to the copy of the order provided by the petitioner or the respondent.
    (Source: P.A. 96-246, eff. 1-1-10.)

    St. Francis Police Department  
    Address: 3400 E Howard Ave, St Francis, WI 53235
    Phone:(414) 481-2232

    It’s time to deal with this situation.

    • But he’s not a *stalker*!

      Every single DOT accident!… Called the Pastor (which blatantly is a forbidden 3rd party contact), but he sees nothing wrong with that.

      Nor will he.

      Hopefully, the State will get him the help he desperately needs.

      This should be a slam dunk.
      No Quarter ‏@YouGetNoQuarter
      I’m sure Pastor Teri Peterson will give me the straight scoop on “Krendler” — after she talks to him.

      No Quarter ‏@YouGetNoQuarter
      …May 28, and cannot find a SINGLE EXAMPLE from ANY CITY OR STATE that matches what “Krendler” said happened to his wife. I mean, daughter.

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      No Quarter ‏@YouGetNoQuarter
      Gee, Mr. Hoge. Mr. Krendler wouldn’t LIE about a thing like a date, would he? I’ve searched the US DOT database for every accident on…

      • He’s lying about the last bit. USDOT doesn’t have a searchable database by individual accident. It’s an aggregate by condition to analyze for trends.

        • While it is a demonstration of his lying, it is also an intentional violation of the court order, as the target of his “investigation” is intended to feel threatened by his studly thoroughness.

    • Dave, as always, speaks the truth. It’s time for Billy to suffer the legal consequences of his law-breaking behavior. It’s the only way bullies like him ever stop bullying.
      Sending a CC of the police complaint to certain overseers at Canticle and Juniper Courts / Cardinal Capital Management might also be indicated, so they don’t freak out when cop cars are pulling up to the old folks’ home.

    • Indeed, wasn’t your informing the nunnery that there was a new RO against him interpreted by Stinky as HARASSMENT!!!111!!?

      yet he’s calling Grady’s church about his own bullshit….

      dude needs help.
      I hope there are copies of that commitment order out there…somewhere…being sent to the appropriate authorities…

    • DF doesn’t seem to realize that the First Amendment has limits (even for him!): stalking, harassment, libel, slander, threatening, etc. etc.
      What a painful learning curve DF will have to traverse! Painful for him, I mean; LOLs and popcorn a’plenty for us!

  8. To the extent someone might be concerned that an Illinois Stalking Protective order might violate the first amendment, he or she might want to read this case:

    Pertinent section:

    ¶ 19 First Amendment

    ¶ 20 Wilson’s final constitutional objection to the Act is that it violates his constitutional right to freedom of speech. We disagree. The Act narrowly restricts only the act of stalking, i.e., following, monitoring, observing, surveilling, or interfering with a person, and does not seek to regulate speech. Further, we note that the only speech that is prohibited by the Act are threats of violence or intimidation, which are not constitutionally protected in any event. See Bailey, 167 Ill.2d at 226–28. Moreover, as we have previously noted, the Act specifically exempts from prohibition any lawful “exercise of the right of free speech or assembly.” 740 ILCS 21/10 (West 2010). Clearly, Wilson’s first amendment argument lacks merit.

    Plus, I don’t know how long the period is in Illinois during which one can appeal a court order, but I know it’s not more than a month or so. Enforcement of the Illinois order after the appeal period is over is purely a law enforcement matter.


    Here’s why, Willy. In Aaron’s case, the judge ignored case law in rendering a judgement, which is why it was overturned on appeal. In your case, you were already handed the restraining order, and the issue you have is with the execution of that order. Since the law is already on the books, either your subject to it, or you can find a lawyer that is will to fight settled law.

    IOW, you were, for lack of a better term, “found guilty” (hence the RO), and they are limiting your speech in this one, narrow instance involving one person.

    Now, to be honest, I think it smacks of prior restraint, but then again, we are talking about the liberal democratic bastion of freedom that is Cook County, Illinois.

    • Another difference, Walker obeyed the order until it was overturned.
      Had he not, even being an incorrect order, violation could have led to successful contempt charges.

      Walker reported that the subject here, Schmalfeldt, tried to (deceptively) get Walker to violate the order thus demonstrating deliberate and full knowledge of what the Court Order meant, and what penalties and sanctions could accrue from a violation.

      • Walker obeyed despite Bill’s efforts to induce him to violate the order with one of his “investigative interviews.”

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