It’s Billogical!

The Cabin Boy’s™ wild goose du jour has to do with his finding a prayer request for a woman he believes is Patrick Grady’s wife in a bulletin from a church in the same town where the Gradys live. He offers no evidence that the Gradys are members or otherwise associated with that church or that the woman in question is actually Patrick Grady’s wife. They may be, and she may be, but he offers no evidence.

But that’s not the real Billogical leap.

The Cabin Boy™ has latched onto the fantasy that the prayer request proves that the post published by Paul Krendler about his daughter being in an accident is somehow about Mrs. Grady instead. Because of all this, he imagines that Patrick Grady has some explaining to do. (Apparently, Grady is Paul Krendler again.) This is another example of Schmalfeldt’s inability to keep timestamps straight.

Krendler’s post about his daughter was put up on 28 May, 2015, and the church bulletin is for May, 2015. The Cabin Boy™ has thus jumped to the conclusion that these dates prove … something! Of course, what it proves is that Schmalfeldt has no idea of the meaning of due diligence. If he had examined the bulletin’s metadata, he would have seen that it was published at the end of April—just like most other publications that laid out a schedule of events for a coming month of May. Moreover, if he had looked at the next item down the page from the prayer request he would have seen this—NatDayPrayer

If the bulletin was published in a time frame where “May 7th” was “next Thursday,” then it probably was issued before that date. All the Cabin Boy™ had to do was read the entire page where he found that prayer request, and he would have known that his “evidence” didn’t fit his Billogical preconceptions.

Bill Schmalfeldt has yet again invaded the privacy of the Grady family (and perhaps a second family and their church as well). I’ve met Patrick Grady. He strikes me as a thoughtful and patient fellow, but if I were in his shoes, my patience would be exhausted, and I would be seeking to have the existing stalking no contact order enforced.

32 thoughts on “It’s Billogical!

  1. Biwwy needs to be in jail. Or a mental hospital. But definitely off the streets.

    I predict it’s going to happen soon.

    • Unfortunately, given the state of the civil courts and the criminal justice system, it isn’t going to happen until he actually harms someone (probably one of the nuns in a fit of paranoid delusion), or until he starts to harass and threaten a local judge or LEO*.

      * There is the possibility that, as a cost saving measure, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office will just “invite” him down to live in one of their jail cells, given the rate at which they are having to visit his abode and serve papers on him. /sarc

  2. What better way to show you aren’t stalking someone than to go through the social media of a church in their town and demand explanations for what you find.

  3. He’s busying making more forgeries and falsehoods to prove you wrong.

    And he’ll even screw that up. It will be funny.

  4. I remember someone being very insistent that Hoge, and various members of the Horde should keep their “noses out of other people’s business” not that long ago.

    Maybe that someone needs to keep their nose out of other people’s business themselves?

    I also seem to remember that that same someone feels they aren’t obligated to explain their obvious lies, yet for some strange reason seems to think others are somehow obligated to answer it’s ridiculous questions.

    Then again someone needs a psycho hold so there ya’ go I guess.

    • Actually, it was years ago that we were advised by a certain Bozo to just forget about Brett Kimberlin and his attempt to falsely imprison Aaron Walker after obtaining an illegal restraining order against the First Amendment.

  5. You know, given where I grew up I’ve known some real maroons. I can’t remember a single one even close to being as big a DF as this DF. That’s quite an indictment.

  6. Indeed, one wonders how many crumbs that connect him to the recent impersonation/forgery there are out there to find that would cause him to actively violate a RO to draw attention away from it.

    Kinda like his master setting bombs to draw attention away from a murder….
    Team Evil knows no bounds.

    • “Plaintiff clearly derives entertainment from these sites, as can be seen in the following tweets…”

      • In the past couple of days Willy has done an admirable job of writing the responses to his own lawsuit.


  7. Even if Krendler were Grady, and he lied and attributed his wife’s injury to his daughter (It would not surprise me if everything Krendler has written about his family is fiction including their existence). A 4 month recovery is not suspicious. It may even be short.

    • With a nutbar stalker like Bill Schmalfeldt, potential rapist, taking an interest in you, if Grady were Krendler, could you blame him for throwing out some false info to throw Bill off the trail?

      • Not at all. Hell, I’m just a thought. I don’t have a gender, age, occupation*, parents, siblings, spouse, children of my own. I alight upon many a poor soul and thus have a wondrous variety of each with every visit. I can never keep them straight.

        *Though I do keep people occupied, just not The Layers and Layers of Fat Checkers©

    • I know that for my different surgeries, recovery lasted anywhere from a day to 6 months, depending on what the surgery was for. And none of them were for domestic abuse for crying out loud.

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