Appealing to a Higher Authority

NQ201601220042ZI’m not surprised that a religious person would make his spiritual advisor aware of a stressful problem such as ongoing harassment from the Cabin Boy™. I’d be more surprised if Patrick Grady hadn’t sought spiritual support from his church family. I have from mine. Bill Schmalfeldt has no idea how many people are praying for him and the people he harasses and for justice.

The Cabin Boy™ claims to be a Catholic. I wonder how long it’s been since he went to confession and actually confessed?

43 thoughts on “Appealing to a Higher Authority

    • Paul Gilmartin…”Sister Joan.”

      “Her next confession killed a priest and lasted seven days.”

  1. Patrick Grady probably told his church about Bill Schmalfeldt’s harassment of him because he feared that Schmalfeldt might just contact them. Turns out Patrick was right.

        • During the times when I have had pastoral responsibilities with our congregation, I probably would’t have told Bill Schmalfeld to go to Hell if he had approached me about a member as he claims to have approached Palatine Pres. However, hope I would never have breached pastoral confidentiality in the ways that the Cabin Boy is alluding to. Indeed, what he says about his exchange with the staff at that church leads me to believe that he is lying.

          • OF course he is, otherwise he would already have posted any/all communications he’s had with the church.
            Which I’m sure he’ll do once he gets the actual email addess and forges>/s>doctors cut/pastes one together to look half way authentic.

    • Do we even have any verification that this is PG’s church? For all we know Bill called or emailed the church (assuming he even did that much) and the pastor declined to discuss her congregation. Bill took that refusal to talk about a member (or even confirm whether or not PG was a member) as guilt since we know he believes that people who aren’t guilty will always tell him everything.

      • Schmalfeldt’s Law: If it’s possible for him to f*ck it up, he WILL.

        So, no, he probly got the wrong church, lol.

  2. So, Small Brain Wide Body is really revving up his whine-0-mometer to unprecedented levels. Hopefully, he’s not genetically harmed by iron or worse yet, cold iron. I suspect his online privileges will be temporarily suspended soon. (Can’t go online while in a 4×8 cell.)

  3. I sincerely doubt that “Pastor Peterson” would have blithely ignored Pastor-Penitent privilege and just gabbed about any of his parishioners with any out of the blue third party who called him or her.

    Lying liars gotta lie, I guess. And if anyone in particular thinks I’m referring to him or her, that’s your guilt nagging you, not me.

    • BS: Hello, my name is Bill Schmalfeldt.
      PP: Greetings, The church has been praying for you.
      BS: Really, since when?
      PP: Since the summer or thereabouts.
      BS: Did you know that one of your members has been harassing a recently widowed totally disabled with stage 45623859851 Parkinsons?
      PP: I am aware there is conflict between you and another member, yes.
      BS: *to himself* SHE KNOWS! *on phone* Thank you, be well. *hangs up*

      BS: We’re all gonna be rich, right boss.

  4. Bill is showing Illinois Judges exactly what he thinks of their protection/harassment orders. And since he has decided to break the law, I’m really glad he is broadcasting via Twitter. I’m sure those victims of his will get some use out of the past 48 hours.

    • You can compliment my writing all you want DF (it was a good one wasn’t it?), but I’ll never give up Krendler.

      Schmalfeldt Principle #12 re-verified: He will always reprint your best hits on him.

  5. Nunnery Boy™ doesn’t need confession!! He desperately needs an industrial strength exorcism.

    Signs of demonic invasion vary depending on the type of demon and its purpose, including:

    Loss or lack of appetite – check
    Cutting, scratching, and biting of skin – check
    A cold feeling in the room
    Unnatural bodily postures and change in the person’s face and body – check
    The possessed losing control of their normal personality and entering into a frenzy or rage,
    and/or attacking others – check
    Change in the person’s voice – check
    Supernatural physical strength not subject to the person’s build or age – check
    Speaking or understanding another language which they had never learned before – check
    Knowledge of things that are distant or hidden – check
    Prediction of future events (sometimes through dreams) – check
    Levitation and moving of objects / things – check
    Expelling of objects / things – check
    Intense hatred and violent reaction toward all religious objects or items – check
    Antipathy towards entering a church, speaking Jesus’ name or hearing scripture. – check

    His demon manifests as pure unadulterated hate towards everyone that he meets.

    • I completely reject the premise of your post. Demons possessed by Bill Schmalfeldt might very well turn to Lucifer to have Schmalfeldt exorcized.

    • A demon-possessed creature also gains a +4 profane bonus on saving throws versus poison, electricity resistance 20, and damage reduction 10/cold iron or good.

      So clearly, the best way to test this is to start giving him electric shocks.

      (Yes, I’m a roleplaying game geek. Next? 🙂

  6. Over at Ace of Spades, there’s a theory that covers how Obama handles scandals: it’s called “stray voltage.” When something bad happens, arrange for a few more really bad things to happen and go out and troll your enemies all at once. The theory is that you will get the really hardcore enemies totally going apeshit, while those not following closely will simply hear a lot of heat about several different topics at once. Then you just say that your crazy enemies have lost it again, are totally making up everything they can purely for political gain, and it’s all a pack of lies. And for those not paying attention, that sounds more plausible than what Obama’s enemies are saying.

    I think it’s a variant of gaslighting.

    Anyway, sometimes I really think that CBBS might be trying the same thing, but without any trace of competence or sanity.

    Either that, or he lets one initial failure so rattle him that he has to lash out and flail around to try to score at least one victory, and ends up triggering a cascading series of failures, each bigger than the last, like a desperate gambler constantly going double or nothing.

    Or he’s just a crazy a-hole. That’s also a possibility.

    • his cheese certainly slipped off his cracker when his lame ass fraudulent impersonation of Hoge at the 3percenters foram blew up in his face.

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