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The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt has spent quite a bit of time explaining to his reader about how he was going to drag various out-of-state defendants into court, first in Maryland and now in Wisconsin. How’s that worked out for him?

Not so well.

He wasn’t able to drag Stacy McCain, Nancy Gilly, Paul Lemmen, Bettina Haper, Chris Heather, Kyle Kieran, Kimberly Dykes, Stephen Shekio, or Paul Krendler into Maryland for LOLsuit I. He couldn’t even get me, a Maryland resident, into court for that one because he threw in the towel after only two days.

I was able to get him into court and and an alternate dispute resolution meeting for LOLsuit II. That case settled with my giving him nothing of the $3,000,000 counterclaim he filed and his agreeing to take down his material that infringed my copyrights.

He didn’t get to drag Eric Johnson, Paul Krendler, or Howard Earl into Maryland for LOLsuit III after the case was dismissed because he filed it in the wrong court.

He didn’t get to drag the same three out-of-state defendants into Maryland for LOLsuit IV because he failed to establish personal jurisdiction over them. That resulted in the case being thrown out against me because he had brought it in the wrong court again.

He didn’t get to drag Patrick Grady, Scott Hinckley, David Edgren, Roy Schmalfeldt, “Grace,” “Ashterah,” or Howard Earl into Maryland with LOLsuit V. He ran away rather than press his case.

Now, he thinks he’s going to drag folks to Wisconsin for LOLsuit VI. I seriously doubt that Patrick Grady, Eric Johnson, Sarah Palmer, Dianna Deely, the William G. Irwin Charitable Foundation, Nancy Gilly, Techno Jinxx, MJ, Roy Schmalfeldt, Vigilant Vindex, Pablo, Neal. N. Bob, The Other Latin F*cker, Perry Mason, Howard Earl, A.B., Tao, Jane, Grace, Dr_Mike, Katie Scarlet, Rob Crawford, the 13th Duke of Wymborne, Kobyashi [sic] Maru, AJ Fornicarious Hoc, JeffM, Gus Bailey, or Colonel Victor Trollpoker will ever have to see the inside of a Wisconsin courtroom on the Cabin Boy’s™ terms.

popcorn4bkOTOH, the Cabin Boy’s™ presence has been required by Scott Hinckley in Massachusetts and Lynn Thomas in Illinois, and his failures to appear resulted in courts ruling against him. He’s making noises about going to North Carolina next week, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Cowardly cowards gotta cower.

Meanwhile, he has his pro se fantasies to indulge. It will be interesting to see how he reacts when [redacted].

Stay tuned.

24 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. As far as I recall, most of the people he threatened aren’t even named.

    And how are the subpoenas for identities going? Any sign of them?

  2. In a few cases, William thinks that he’s bringing people in from entirely different countries. Watching him establish jurisdiction in those cases should be wildly entertaining.

    • He is certainly right about one thing: the latest case is not ready to proceed. As far as I know, he has not managed to effect service of summons.

  3. It’s like communism isn’t it?

    It’s promises fantastic success.

    It’s always a miserable failure.

    Those promoting it have no idea how stupid they look.

    And they keep promising that **next time**, it’ll work!

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