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  1. What’s hilarious is that Shakes the clown thinks he is owed an explanation for anything.

    I have been a member of the III%ERs and Oathkeepers for well over a decade.

    So cram that down your d*ick holster, Schmalfeldt.

    • HAHAHAHA Of course you are. Dimiwtted ammosexual with a third grade vocabulary and a paranoid delusion of enemies everywhere. They must welcome you, Howard! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Why would Bill Schmalfeldt waste his time with this nonsense? Shouldn’t he be preparing to defend against his next court-issued no-contact/no-stalking order? Isn’t it coming up in just a few days?

    • This is all he has .He has no other life than being a putz on the interwebs.

      His life prior to this was a series of failures. Other than his military “career” that highlighted he never did anything meaningful but get accomodated for his deficiencies; it was all a series of short term jobs that lead one to wonder why he really left them all.

      His accomplishements…really… acrylic” everyone gets an award” trophies and blogs that never earn a cent, or last longer than a week.

      No friends except Team Bomber members that use him and laugh at him when he falls on his face; few if any family that want anything to do with him, including his own children; and neighbours that will shun him once they get to know him.

      People might pity someone with such a pathetic existence, if he wasn’t such a mean, lying bastiche.

    • Oh sure! Someone from Team Kimbergarten, up to an including Bill as a possibility. They are totes down for those kind of things. SMH

    • Oh, that must be the same “someone” that tipped him off to “Krendler’s” tell all confession book. You know, the one Blob filed a copyright registration for and then lost his shit when Krendler used it, and tried to DCMA the TMZ post to hilarious effect.

      This is going to look great in court, Dumbass.

  3. Story: Hoge posted a message to a website I went to check out.
    Feedback: You forgot to log out when you screen capped it.
    Story: No, someone sent this to me! He needs to disavow this is him.
    Feedback: Someone screen capped it and forgot to log out, but sent you an email only a couple minutes later?
    Story: You’re all a cult! Hoge sent it to me!!!!
    Feedback: He used the account of your friend to send it? LOLZ…

    Investigative journalism at its finest…

    • William’s constant lying about everything is really going to complicate the lulzsuit he filed about his sterling character.

      For example, did you know that he wrote a letter to another judge that said he was confined to a wheelchair? The judge in Lulzsuit VI will.

  4. And as to the question of “Why accept government pay?” How about an answer of “For honest work.” Something William M Schmalfeldt Sr has no knowledge of…..

    • Billy accepted government py and spent all his time trolling xmfan for hours per day for YEARS as a soi-disant GS-13 editor at NIH … (Remember the prayer Bill: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, the sinner, this just might save your soul).

  5. http://law.justia.com/codes/wisconsin/2012/chapter-947/section-947.013

    This is not the equivalent of having pizza delivered to someone’s house as a prank. It is not the same as calling someone and asking if their refrigerator is running and, when told yes, telling the person called that he or she had better run after it. This is a crime directed at John Hoge. It is time, IMHO, to place the situation in the hands of Wisconsin law enforcement before things spin completely out of control.

  6. We might be witnessing what appears to be the physical disintegration of Schmalfeldt’s brain matter. It is not pretty. Pray to God nothing like this ever happens to you or a loved one.

  7. I think he’s trying to get committed.

    That’s not even a laughable attempt at a forgery.

    (It also doesn’t have his “fist”, so I suspect someone else did it, and sent that to him. A “most excellent friend”, more than likely.)

    …. Why would someone send this to him? Why not send to Matt, if that’s the story?

    These are his “friends”.

    They got his back, all right. Makes an excellent place for them to knife him when it’s handy for them.

    • I think he’s the source. He’s been on a “roll” the last few months, trying to create “evidence”.

      • Like I said, I don’t. He’s the one who ran with and published it.

        I don’t think it’s only “Krendler” who knows how to make him dance.

        Perhaps I’m wrong on that.
        It’s certainly clumsy, but usually he telegraphs more as he thinks up his Baldrick-cunning trap.

        BTW… Get any mail/phone/packages today?

        • No packages, no messages on the phone, didn’t check the mail ’cause I got home late and it’s freaking cold out.

          Email goes through a white list. Unless I’m wanting email from someone, it could sit in the spam trap for months.

  8. John should also take a look at: https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/statutes/statutes/943/III/201/2/a

    In pertinent part:

    (2) Whoever, for any of the following purposes, intentionally uses, attempts to use, or possesses with intent to use any personal identifying information or personal identification document of an individual, including a deceased individual, without the authorization or consent of the individual and by representing that he or she is the individual, that he or she is acting with the authorization or consent of the individual, or that the information or document belongs to him or her is guilty of a Class H felony:

    (c) To harm the reputation, property, person, or estate of the individual.

    That’s felony crime, folks. F-E-L-O-N-Y. Jail time. End of one’s civil rights. All that stuff.

    It’s time to draw the line.

  9. He’s claiming “anonymous source” (that he’s heard from before, meaning it’s not anonymous…)

    To claim (any) protection for the “source” would mean that he’s have to claim to be a journalist again, not a “private citizen.”

    (I don’t know many journalists who protect sources that set them up for criminal investigation with obviously bad “info”…)

    In any event, this could well lead to confiscation of his computers by law enforcement.

    Which might be the best favor his “friends” will ever do him.

  10. Dates and times can be so confusing when crossing multiple time zones in both directions.

    Having said that, it appears that the original tweet was sent out between 5 and 10 minutes after the post in question was made on the web site and 3 minutes after before receiving the email with it attached.

    Based on billogic, I must presume that John created an account today, posted the message, took a screen shot while still logged in, sent said screenshot to Bill via guerrilamail, borrowed Kyle’s time machine, MIB flashy thinged Bill and sent tweet out for him and flashy thinged him again, used said time machine again, prepped his next blog post (may have been done before – time machine in play here) all in the effort to make it look like someone else posted on his behalf. I’m presuming just in case the introduction did not go as it was foreseen?

    I’m sure I left a few steps out (traveling, etc.); but, it all makes perfect sense now.

    • Thanks. More ways in which this is stupid.

      I’m sure we’ve all said it, but there really is no limits to the stupidity of Bill Schmalfeldt.

      I see he’s going with the “bullsh**t explanation” rather than “changing the evidence after the fact” alternative. Both fine choices of course.

      Personally, it’d be more surprising to see the “humbly apologise and please don’t report me to the authorities” option.

  11. You know when you go to a hotel and they have a list of nearby restaurants, points of interest etc? I wonder if the nice Miss Cindy at Juniper Court has a list like that that includes Bail bondsmen?

  12. https://twitter.com/YouGetNoQuarter/status/689575317774680064

    “No Quarter ‏@YouGetNoQuarter
    No, I think I’ll just stay on this story until someone proves it’s a sham, or until someone tells me what “or else” is.”

    Whether or not he “planned” it, he’s certainly been warned and is going to “stay on it”.
    It’ was proven to be a sham by the first screenshot. and the header. (Notice that Bill didn’t notice it, but _all the “Hoge cultists” did_?)

    The postdated email – timestamped after the post and tweet demonstrate that there’s means rea.

    GS-13. Wow. Reassuring, isn’t it?

  13. Its pathetic really.
    It use to be fun watching Bill flail around like a beached whale with an electric toothbrush shoved up his hole.
    But now he’s just a decomposing pile of slim. The site and smell are really quite nauseating.
    And beware. Dead whales can explode.

  14. But…but…”judgment-proof” applies to Class-H felonies, too, doesn’t it?

    Asking for a friend….

    • That’s the nice thing about felonies. They aren’t civil lawsuits seeking damages from someone who can’t pay, they’re jail time courtesy of the state. That’s how he “pays”.

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