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  1. My memory might be failing me, but wasn’t it just earlier this week when a blog naming someone and “defaming” them was the defination of “per se defamation”?

    I suppose double standards are twice as good as standards.

  2. I seem to have lost my chant book for this weeks Hoge Supplication. Can someone please email me a copy of this weeks chants until I can get a new one from Amazon?
    As best I can remember we should be starting off with “Res Judicata Be Da Bomb”, followed by “Hoge Am Law” (my personal favorite as it really lends itself to the bass notes, especially affective when we use the cavern for gatherings), and concluding with “Lead Us and Order Us O’ Troll of Trolls”. So those are the chants I need to get me through this week.
    Thanks for the help.
    Hoge guide you and direct your internet.

  3. Funny how when the Diddler loses a court action, Bill becomes all boisterous about Hoge again and ramps up the nonsense. Explains why he searched the archives, and why he got all upset about a blank form for a mental hearing from Wisconsin. Look for even more ridiculous monkey dancing and pathetic rewrites of history. Someone’s leash is obviously being yanked.

  4. There. Its clearly apparent that a certain someone writes for crap and is dependent on copy/pasting others blogs to get his content.

    It also highlights one of my favorite traits of the big ‘ol DF: He never fails to reprint your best jabs at him. Does it without being asked, or paid, just up and says to the whole world “Look at how I’m being described as an amazing dumbass!”. The only down side is that he deletes stuff so often it rarely stays up for long.
    I’m kind of surprised that he didn’t fill out the involuntary commitment form and demand to know if that was what Hoge wanted. After all, the leading member of the cult of Hoge is DF, he just doesn’t recognize it. FUN & LULZ. Embrace.

    • “Writes for crap” as in writes LIKE CRAP, or writes IN EXCHANGE FOR CRAP AS COMPENSATION?


      Because we embrace the power of AND.

  5. A reminder for everyone: BS has posted and may tweet a fanciful timeline and creative version of events. No matter how tempting, please don’t correct him publicly. He wants us to correct him so that he can find weak points in his story and tweak it as necessary.

    • I don’t think so.

      Was it substantially changed from the last time he made one? I’m going out on a limb and saying no.

      Even the things easily challenged or debunked with a copy from the Vault of something he said. Several things, right? (That require screenshots from multiple websites/twitter accounts/email addresses?)

      And yet he still repeated them?

      Because you can’t educate him*. Not _really_. He’s as constant as the Northern Star in that regard.

      Once he locks in a narrative that places him in a position of being the “hero” of a story, dealing with a evil-based other who has done him wrong/lied to him/broken faith/committed gravely evil acts, he cannot change them, no matter what.

      (Even if it’s easily proven to be a false narrative. Even if he’s, doing/done the *exact* same thing and someone mirrors back on him.)

      His condition is gloriously textbook.

      * If he ever were to get real, serious, help, and accept it, he could change and become educatable, and actually be more of a problem. (Getting help doesn’t mean you become a good person, many people who “Show progress” in therapy are still _really not nice people_.)

      • No, no. Biwwy needs a complete accounting of every minute of your day. For completely non-stalkerish reasons. Who can you trust if not Biwwy?

      • Since he did the same things at work and at not-work, he probably assumes it is the same for everyone else. He didn’t work at work, and since you do perform work, you must therefore be working at not-work, and so all protestations to the contrary, your employer will be upset at anything you do at any time that is not work.

      • Technically, it’s great journalism if you can get someone else to do all the work.

        It’s not if you’re a DF and miss the single, teeny problem with appropriating someone else’s work.

        Too bad there’s not a professional group with codes and bylaws that might help someone in that situation. Tsk. Tsk.

  6. I am very amused by me being used as an example. That I committed the thoughtcrime of complimenting Schmalfeldt’s writing, but have since been accepted back into the fold because I have created new material criticizing Bill. This is a neat reinterpretation of events.

    • Indeed, Stinky is just jealous that he has to beg his friends to publically speak to him, even after doing everything they want.
      Where as you are just a likable guy, as is our host.

      Envy Green is such an ugly color on such and ugly man as our Stinky is.

  7. Next up:

    Schmalfeldt forges his own commitment papers, blames it on Hoge.

    “Ah ha! I have you now, Hoge!”

  8. I’m enjoying his latest tantrum “Is Hoge a Cult Leader?”

    As usual he perceives badly, assesses through his twisted prism based on himself and applies Schmalfeldtian logic to come up with whatever conclusion he decided he was going to at the beginning.

    What he fails to grasp and has always failed to grasp, and probably always will, is that Hoge is not a cult leader, he is simply a leader. Someone who gets out in front, makes the effort to know what he’s doing, takes action that needs taking and encourages others to do their best to move towards the necessary goals. He has all the qualities DF lacks; intelligence, knowledge, patience, perseverance, and the one that really cheeses the DF, the knack of being right. It’s no wonder DF despises and dreads him, he is a stark example of what DF never could have become. Ooh that kind of thing leaves a mark don’it.

    I eagerly await his claim that this is flattery to curry favor and advance to a higher circle of the cult. DF gotta DF.

      • Sorry for the lateness of my reply. Before writing, I felt the need to pop a bowl of Orville Redenbacher’s finest. Then, I dressed in my Amazon-bought bow tie. Still, I do not feel worthy.

        Never mind oh great one!

    • DF’s lack of self-awareness (especially his blindspot to the fact that people agree that he’s an asshole because he objectively ACTS like an asshole) is hilarious.

    • There he is right on time.
      He has always exhibited strongly hierarchical behavior and thinks that if he simply barks orders at people they are supposed to do as he says. Never does understand how it works which explains why he has never had a position of leadership. It’s like a cargo cult. He thinks if he mimics the forms then the results will magically occur. In that sense he is essentially a cult member.

      • This would be a good place for someone with a catalog of The Vault to post his essay about shirking work on board his shipboard duty.

        So clever. Probably the first sailor ever to do such a thing.

        He has always exhibited strongly hierarchical behavior

        Desires for.
        Downward. (No evidence it’s ever happened. But it will. Any day now. Just ask him. Oh, yeah. FOCUS!)
        Everything indicates that he doesn’t do his responsibility in the chain going up. (That’s different, natch.)
        As with the previous self-admission of the shirking of duty (Someone posted a link to a screenshot once, and I remember him crowing about clipboards, and deceiving higher ranks with false requirements of his duties to avoid scut work), he’s self-admitted that he’s untrustworthy and unwilling to follow orders unless he wants to, or is forced to.

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