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NQ20160113Yesterday evening, the Cabin Boy™ took his YouGetNoQuarter Twitter account private again. I’ve lost track of the number of times that he’s run away and hidden from public view.

It must be depressing to believe one must conduct so much of one’s affairs skulking away from the light. OTOH, the urge to hide such a blatantly misleading tweet as the one on the left must be overwhelming.

Of course, the Cabin Boy™ hasn’t completely disappeared from the Internet. He was wasting Dave Alexander’s bandwidth by commenting over at the Craft Blog yesterday evening.

res_judicata_mugsOne of the things he was going on about over there was his incorrect notion that he has grounds sue Roy Schmalfeldt over allegations Roy has made about Bill being a rapist. The Cabin Boy™ sued Roy about that last summer, and his suit was dismissed with prejudice. That means that he can’t sue Roy about those allegations again because the dismissal counts as a finding on the merits that what Roy said was not false. IANAL, but if the statements weren’t false before the Cabin Boy™ sued, they still shouldn’t be false if they are repeated now. Res judicata and all that. More important, res judicata applies to any claim that Schmalfeldt might have been able to bring against any of the defendants he named in his Grady, et al. (I) LOLsuit. Again, IANAl, but it seems that the Cabin Boy™ is barred from suing any of those individuals again for repeating anything they said about him before 19 August, 2015, when the suit was dismissed.

The Cabin Boy™ had a right to a day in court with them over those issues, but he waived it by dismissing his suit with prejudice.


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    • It’s no fair trying to act like Biwwy could even possibly be consistent when he was formed out of fear pee and rolled turds. My grandma’s lumpy gravy was more consistent then he’ll ever be.

  1. I forgot to mention that the coffee mugs I ordered came in before Christmas. They have now become the house favorites.

  2. He went on and on about the Dallas Police contacting him and personally updating him about his call to CPs Texas, all lies, like that Henry County is investigating me, or the DA is investigating me, or he is a reporter from the MSJ or John is under investigation by various Maryland authorities etc


    One day though he is going to piss someone off and they are going to do him severe harm, harm so deep (the authorities that is) that it wont just be his twitter feed going private…

    Question is the management of Cardinal Properties allegedly according to this liar has approved and knew in advance of his activities so sayeth bill oh wait he deleted those posts because they were so damaging to his victim status.

    He’s a creepy sicko twisted child rape fantasy producer who repeatedly preys on dead and live children on the net…

    • Damned odd. If someone was accusing ME of rape, I sure as hell would do my damnedest to drag them into court and get answers.

      Unless, of course, I actually -had-, in which case I’d want to bury it and hope the evidence never saw the light of day.

      Which makes me wonder why he dismissed the case with prejudice. This wasn’t just standard insults and jibes. Sexual assault charges are no laughing matter, as one can see from the numerous fiascoes in our universities.

      • He’s accused me of raping my daughters on multiple occasions – he also made websites of them while they were in Muslim countries where they could have been harmed if he had any readership (so yes they are safe)

        And as a bonus he makes audio child porn rape fantasies of very young and vulnerable children being forced to have oral and anal sex while being urinated on,

        In many of his unsold books he has political personalities photo shopped on top of feces and has mitt Romney on the front cover of a book as the head of a penis.

        He is a victim………

          • oh yeah like the f@cking coward he was he deleted them after a week or two but not before they were captured – it was at the time he was first using AVVO,

  3. “More important, res judicata applies to any claim that Schmalfeldt might have been able to bring against any of the defendants he named in his Grady, et al. (I) LOLsuit.”

    Like the claim where the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt was going to get me and get me good and make me pay a gazillion dollar judgment for a ‘shopped pic I made of his “beloved” looking like a member of The Zombie Horde (‘shopped WELL PRIOR to her unfortunate passing, btw)?

    Would that be the very same pic that has not seen the light of day since his “beloved’s” passing UNTIL it has been splashed anew all over the intertoobz courtesy of BS’s new friend #1000Ghoulfriends and members of her #KrayKrew?

    Tis disgusting that woman is being relentlessly tossed about as a prop by BS and his friends in an attempt to aid BS’s wannabe victimhood.

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