Interesting Site Searches

One of my most frequent visitors here at Hogewash! has been conducting some interesting searches on the site. His favorite search was for the paired words

peace + order

He has also searched

Schmalfeldt + wife

The search on that last word pair turned up 5 different Team Kimberlin Post of the Day entries as well as these posts—

#BillSchmalfeldt’s Legal @wjjhoge Tweets
#BillSchmalfeldt’s Zombie Website
A Whiff of Obsession
#BillSchmalfeldt and the Commandments
#BillSchmalfeldt Gets It Wrong. Again.
More BS from BS
Viva la Différence!
Breitbart Unmasked Unmasked

It’s nice to see that my older posts hold up well enough that folks still want to read them.

9 thoughts on “Interesting Site Searches

  1. FYSA. I have done down twinklies in the recent past because I thought that there is nothing good about our friends or our mentor being a defendant in a frivolous lawsuit filed by the bomber or Wisconsin Billy.

    To me, the up twinklies for a new lawsuit from either is foolish.

  2. If our Gentle Host is seeing some relatively new and obsessive IP hits on his site… I have a very good idea who may be responsible. #1000ShadesOfKray

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