7 thoughts on “LA County Supports Patterico’s Motion to Quash

  1. Well crap! Looks like Bunny Boy Unread and Deep Brain Radio will have to try other means than through their excellent bomber friend, Brett.

  2. I’m just curious if most lawsuits proceed like this, or do most plaintiffs actually stick to a coherent case and ask for records that are related and specific to the question before the court?

    • Depends on the quality of the legal counsel, as well as the quality of the lawsuit. But don’t be fooled into thinking that imbeciles like Cabin Boy and The Sawed-Off Bomber are the only ones who make appalling mistakes.

      Many, MANY years ago, RCA brought legal action against Nintendo of America for copyright infringement. Specifically, they were accusing Nintendo of violation in regards to their game ‘Donkey Kong’ versus the character of King Kong. At the time, Nintendo was a VERY small fish; one writer joked that RCA could’ve bought Nintendo out of the change in their CEO’s pocket.

      However, Nintendo had some excellent legal counsel, and requested time to review the suit first. Afterwards, at a formal dinner between the two parties, Nintendo dropped a bomb: they weren’t settling, and would in fact be countersuing. It seems that RCA did NOT actually own the rights to King Kong, and had in fact argued in court that King Kong was public domain!

      Needless to say, the shit hit the fan in court, and RCA wound up having to fork over money to Nintendo, as well as repaying vendors whom they had bullied into giving them their earnings from the Donkey Kong arcade machines.

      The layman’s analysis was that RCA was gambling that they could bully Nintendo into giving them a cut of their profits (and this was back in the 80’s; video games weren’t NEAR as prevalent as nowadays). However, as any poker player will tell you, if someone sees through your bluff, you’re gonna get hurt.

      • Just a small correction: it was Universal Studios (not RCA) that sued Nintendo over Donkey Kong and was unsuccessful.

  3. The DA COR’s position is without merit.

    Don’t ask me to explain why it is without merit. it is simply without merit.

    I know these things from decades of experience looking in the mirror at and semi-regularly shaving the face (and sometimes the neck…sometimes not) of things that are without merit.

    I know without merit. Without merit is a good friend of mine. And this position, sir, is without merit.

  4. Brett’s about to find out what it’s like to REALLY get slapped around in court. I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to like it. How long before he sues Frey’s lawyer?

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