#BrettKimberlin Whines About Discovery

He’s upset because he can’t share confidential information received from Patrick Frey with Bill Schmalfeldt and Matt Osborne as he did with the sealeddiscovery in the 2012 Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. case. He’s filed this in the Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Remnant LOLsuit. The exhibits are really howlers.

Excuse me while I pop some more popcorn.

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  1. All the way back in November the court was told (in an improper ex parte communication) there was “a very real possibility that the press will move to overturn the order if it is not modified.”

    Now, two months later, all he can adduce in support of that assertion is two emails, one from Schmalfeldt and one from Osborne (“the press,” indeed!), both dated within the last two days.

    File under: Things that make you go, “Hmmm……”

    • “Now comes uninteresting third party William Schmalfeldt, pro se unaffiliated independent fake internet journomalist, retired former GS-13 writer editor, recent widower and 27 year sufferer of Super-Advanced Stage Eleventysix Parkinson’s Diesease, and hereby files this extremely deep and brain stimulating motion petitioning the court to take me more seriously than anyone ever has before in my miserable life, because Parkinson’s Widower Schmalfeldt.”

      • Your honour, Mr Schmalfeldt has achieved the rare distinction of having more restraining orders than book sales.

        It may well be that he is going to publish these orders in a book, but given his wife is now deceased, there is little chances of any purchases.

        • One “journalist” who already released sealed documents form another Kimberlin case (provided “anonymously”- lol); and the other “journalis” working for a website run by Kimberlin.

          Don’t see anything funny there, do you?

          • Let’s not forget that the website the latter is writing these days is the same one the former published the sealed discovery material on.

        • As I recall:

          100. Plaintiff is not a public person in any reasonable use of the term.

          This same person is “very interested in reviewing” private emails between, among other things, someone who he has sued, questionably is currently sueing, and who has had multiple restraining orders against him, and an LA district attorney. Emails sent with the expectation of privacy. For use in a book that this published author is interested in writing.

          Yeah, not at all a public person. And maybe he also shouldn’t post his opinions on little green pieces of his feces he finds, rolls, and sniffs, from his toilet.

          Totally a private person, not putting himself in the public at all. That’s our Bill.

  2. INAL but, could a guy with seven, count ’em SEVEN, restraining orders who suffers from dementia and can’t walk to his refrigerator without assistance and a dude on the plaintiff’s payroll who lives in his parent’s basement actually be considered the “press”?

    • Oh, yes – I’m still sick at home. Wouldn’t want Bill getting all indignant, thinking that I was acting like a government employee, who, in the very old joke, doesn’t look out the window all morning, so he’ll have something to do in the afternoon.

  3. I find it particularly interesting that Matt sent his request to the Justice Through Music Project email address, and not to Brett. I guess JMTP really is a party to the suit then, huh?

    • Yes, and shouldn’t Bill Schmalfeldt be getting all indignant that Brett Kimberlin is using the office equipment, time and resources of JTMP for personal use?

      • Nah when Brett does it it’s OK. When Bill was racking up 10s of thousands of posts on govt time (including all the filth he posted) it was “acceptable personal use”. Anyone else? Felony!!!11!

  4. Is it wrong of me that I can’t wait to see Frey’s lawyer tear this to shreds by pointing out who the two losers are?

  5. Doesn’t “several reporters” indicate more than two lackeys?
    Doesn’t “national interest” indicate a readership outside the closed Kimberlin loop?

  6. I wish I could be there when Brett realizes his jailhouse law degree program forgot to tell him that people a plaintiff lacked the grounds to introduce into a case suddenly can be discussed when the defense brings them up. I love watching Agent Rico at work.

    Just sayin’.

    • Oh, this is the Patrick Frey case so reverse the Plaintiff and Defense (I thought this was Aaron Walker’s suit.) The point still stands though 🙂

  7. You know, John…

    You really ought to keep your nose out of things that aren’t your business, such as fake reporters sticking their noses into lawsuits – that you used to be a part of – that are none of their business.

    Some cowardly, sand-filled pussy might suddenly sprout a pair and add you to a lawsuit.

    • I have to tell you Krendler, Grady, Lynn, Agildog, Eric, Ash, Grace, etc that you might be wrong on this. Bill “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt is stupid yes. But even I don’t think he is stupid enough to add John, who we all know he is terrified of, to the lawsuit. No, I will categorically state that even Bill “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt is not THAT stupid.

  8. Hey when Witless Willie makes a good joke, it is a rare enough phenomenon to respect it.


  9. So… Are they hoping the Court won’t remember the time Schmalfeldt wrote to the court?

  10. In Re: Wall Street, a criminal proceeding notwithstanding, the PRESS THEMSELVES INTERVENED after being granted permission. If Bill or Osborne want to intervene then intervene. There will likely be a motion hearing they will need plane tickets for at a later time.

    That’s why Brett did it in this sloppy fashion hoping the Judge is so stupid, he wouldn’t catch if the press does indeed have an interest in the case, the press should themselves bring it to the attention of the court in the proper manner.

    But please intervene guys, I would love the judge to see three weirdos like Brett, Bill and Osborne at the same table. It would help Frey’s case even more to see such a spectacle.

  11. Could it e “ethical” for a “journalist” to be covering his “most excellent friend” absent multiple disclosures being made?

  12. Gee, I wonder why the “journolist William Schmalfeldt” left out how many times BK has given him rides to Stinky’s own court dates..well up till he surfed a wave of fear pee into WI that is.

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