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Here’s another of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s latest droppings found at a courthouse. It’s an improper supplement to the Kimberlins’ motion for sanctions against Aaron Walker in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.

This supplement is improper because the Maryland Rules require leave from the court before filing such a supplement, and TDPK failed (there’s that word again) to seek such permission.

popcorn4bkHowever, the truly mind-boggling aspect of the filing is that it calls the court’s attention to a precedent that helps Aaron Walker’s case. TDPK tries to smear Aaron with guilt by association with James McGibney (without any evidence of such an association), but it is the Kimberlins who stand accused of filing multiple false civil and criminal actions against Aaron, not the other way around. While the Texas case isn’t binding on a Maryland court, if Judge Mason finds it to be persuasive authority, the Kimberlins will be in a world of hurt.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—Scrbd document updated to remove an extraneous page.

13 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Brett Kimberlin wants the court to follow a case where a court found that a plaintiff had filed multiple abusive lawsuits and made numerous false accusations in order to try to browbeat his critics into silence.

    Funny, I agree!

  2. Page 3 looks like there was another filing attached? Or perhaps its an extra page he filed and signed (and forged for his wife).

    Either way, it’s hilarious.

  3. The stupid and fail is mindboggling. Here are few samples.

    Aaron Walker has never filed a lawsuit, peace order, or criminal charge against Tetyana Kimberlin. Yet, somehow, his first lawsuit against her is to be dismissed based on res judicata.

    Brett Kimberlin wrote a proposed order that clearly indicates that he understands the legal concept of res judicata, yet, pleaded with the Court to allow him a second lawsuit over subjects that could have been raised against Aaron Walker in Kimberlin’s defamation lawsuit in Maryland.

    Brett Kimberlin lost his defamation case, yet, wants this Court to order Aaron Walker to remove the very same content, and, publicly denounce it as “false.”

    • “How do you stop a madman from driving over a cliff?”

      Usually the brick wall he slammed into first does the trick

  4. No wonder Stolen Valor Schmalfeldt is so clueless when he gets his legal advice from this idiot.

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