Breitbart has a post up that analyzes Twitter’s ongoing war against its own libertarian and conservative users, a campaign that it appears to be waging on behalf of a social justice warrior constituency. The #JeSuisMilo hashtag has become a rallying cry for the pushback against Twitter.

I have been a target in that war.

As a result of false accusations of “targeted abuse,” mostly likely from Brett Kimberlin but possibly from others as well, I had several Twitter accounts suspended during the first half of 2015. Twitter stonewalled every attempt to find out what I had done to violate their Rules. However, they suddenly relented when the false criminal charges against me were dropped, perhaps realizing that they risked being tagged as a coconspirator in various tortious acts.

Although I have documented multiple instances of targeted abuse against me, Twitter has only rarely taken any action against the cyberthugs who have harassed me. Further, although I have filed many complaints documenting theft of intellectual property, Twitter has not always complied with their obligations under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

As a result of my experience with Twitter, I do not view them as a trustworthy business partner who will treat me fairly. I began using their service as a way to promote this blog. I probably will continue to use it until something else comes along.

Meanwhile, I encourage all the Gentle Readers who have accounts to find ways to let Twitter know what you think of their treatment of libertarians and conservatives.

Je suis Milo, is French for I am Milo. Actually, I got here first—Milo is I (Yeah, that’s grammatically correct, but it looks weird.)—but he has a much greater following and is bring more attention to the problem than I ever could. More to the point, both Milo and I are you if you’re a libertarian or conservative on Twitter. To continue in French,

Allons enfants du Cyberespace,
Le jour de gloire est arrivé!

Join us on the barricades!

UPDATE—As Glenn Reynolds, speaking to the leftist elites, has noted on a related topic,

You’re trapped in here with me. And a lot of people like me, whose patience has come close to an end.

It should be thus with Twitter.

16 thoughts on “#JeSuisMilo

  1. That line may be borrowed, at least in part, from The Watchmen, when Rorschach is put in prison. No idea if Alan Moore borrowed it from someone else.

  2. As Betty White said about Facebook, “It seems like such a waste of time…” Of course the promotional possibilities are there, but there’s so much Twitter warfare. I can’t imagine the hours people waste trying to convince others about some idea or another.

    • I too have had my struggles with Twitter (back in 2013 and 2014). Now I just use it to share info about posts of mine and others that I find interesting and occasionally to send short messages to people I respect or are friends with (like Aaron). I do not try to change anyones opinions or beliefs, only to state my own.

  3. I have been very surprised, as I am a late participant in the twitterverse, how much I have rather enjoyed mocking and generally making SJW heads explode with ridicule their various idiotic temper tantrums.

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