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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has filed a flurry of replies and oppositions to motions in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. This is his opposition to a pair of motions from Aaron Walker, a motion to strike an improper filing by Kimberlin and the other a motion to find Kimberlin in contempt.

A bit of fisking is called for.

First, I was present during the November hearing cited in paragraph 1, and I have reviewed the courtroom audio from the hearing. Aaron Walker never claimed that Kimberlin had “altered lawsuits filed by Plaintiff Walker.” He did refuse to authenticate exhibits that had not been served on him without reviewing them first because of Kimberlin’s history of altering documents.

Second, the case management order in the RICO Madness LOLsuit referred to in paragraph 3 was as much in response to Kimberlin’s shenanigans as the defendants’ seeking the court’s help dealing with his misbehavior. Indeed, one the things that Judge Grimm ordered was for TDPK to show cause why he should not be held in contempt for forging a summons in the case. BTW, that’s show cause order is still an open item on the case docket.

Third, what paragraph 4 fails to mention is that many of the Walker motions to strike were not granted because they were rendered moot when the Kimberlin motions they addressed were denied. Having a motion denied on the merits is more significant than having it tossed on a technicality.

Oh, one more thing … the Gentle Reader should note that neither Brett nor Tetyana Kimberlin actually denied any of the allegations made in Aaron Walker’s motions.

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  1. As of this point, Brett Kimberlin has filed at least four criminal charges against Aaron Walker, none of which were ever prosecuted. One was squashed so quickly by the local State’s Attorney that Aaron was not even cited. Kimberlin has filed for several peace orders against Aaron Walker. All were denied. Kimberlin has filed several lawsuits against Aaron Walker, all of but one were lost. Kimberlin is about to lose the remaining lawsuit any day now. Kimberlin had filed for a preliminary injunction against Aaron Walker. He lost. In those numerous lawsuits, Kimberlin has filed numerous motions for sanctions. None were granted. Brett Kimberlin has lost consistently, yet, he wishes to point to Aaron Walker’s setbacks and claim, in so many words, “Loses stick to thee, but not me!”

  2. Hmmm, was the date altered to be a “7” or 7TEEN? If the former, then if follows the usual TK playbook. If the latter, then he missed out on a two week cushion to delay service.
    I would still like to see the delivery endorsements AND the Post Office receipt.
    Asking for a friend.

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  4. Comparing the signatures provided in Dave’s craft blog post, in my untrained opinion, the signatures are substantially similar. In fact, the first name, Tanya, is virtually identical.

    But according to ACME law, that means it must be a forgery. Specifically, Brett had to have traced it.

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