Does Trump Think He’s in Trouble?

Could be.

That would explain why he’s gone full-birther on Ted Cruz.

Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and Cuban father (who has since become a naturalized citizen). Cruz was unknowingly a dual national until he renounced his Canadian citizenship. Cruz’s citizenship status is the same as others born outside the country to an American parent such as John McCain.

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  1. I don’t care that John McCain can’t raise his arms above his shoulders.

    His behavior and rhetoric as a putative “Republican” toward his fellow (and better) party cohorts makes me want to punch him square in the mouth.

  2. There are REAL problems with Cruz’s citizenship

    Canada’s tax office may have returns, I am reasonably sure some kind of reach out to him was done, Canada’s tax system makes us look pale depending on which side is in power

    Also, being overseas with a large American and Canadian expat community both embassies give expectant mothers paperwork and questionnaires – did they do that back when ted was born is the question and if so where is the paperwork.

    His parents founded a company in Canada and only left when they went bankrupt. To Found a Canadian company, did his mom, renounce or accept dual citizenship?

    Ted Always knew he was a Canadian Citizen, he’s a brilliant lawyer, saying he didn’t know is like saying a chemist didn’t know water froze.

    He’s flip and flopped, he lied to Dan Patrick when confronted with his claims that Perry and Dewhurst never lowered spending and taxes, he lied to Dana Bash when he said he was the top lawyer in the AG office and directly supervised and wrote Amicus briefs etc. The Solicitor Generals office in Texas is run by the Deputy who is a Battle hardened west point graduate and has run it for decades through administrations of both parties. He’s lying about his activities as a private lawyer, he’s lied about the immigration stances, all the way back to the 1990’s, he’s now lying about ethanol subsidies.

    He’s EXTREMELY brilliant (but so are a lot of good people loads of them) and is a master of saying absolutely nothing that can be pinned on him.

    Dewhurst wiped the floor with him in the debates and so would Bush or Christie, Santorum, Kasich and most of the others if the Donald was not there with the glare….

    Is he a good man, I will say yes, do I trust him to be my lawyer – never ever in a million years. Would I trust him with the lives of our soldiers, our loved ones? The safety of a billion or more of our Allies No.

    Now there are real issues with his eligibility to run for President

    didn’t renounce his citizenship UNTIL DEWHURST BROUGHT IT UP
    Mother maybe a dual citizen
    Father didn’t become a citizen until 2005

    Also the Dems may have fake witnesses that will say that Raul Cruz fought for Castro (95% certain it is fake but we see they will do anything for a win

    Also this is disturbing

    The problem isn’t that his father – its that Ted has this habit of telling conflicting or grey area stories all the time and has been doing it for years

    • All red herrings. Cruz’s mother was a natural-born jus soli US citizen (born in Wilmington, Delaware) and so unless she had specifically renounced her US citizenship she was a US citizen at the time of Ted’s birth. Therefore, according to US citizenship and naturalization law in effect at the time, he was a natural-born US citizen by virtue of his birth to a US citizen mother. End of story. Doesn’t matter if his mother was or wasn’t a dual citizen. Doesn’t matter if he held dual citizenship by virtue of his birth in Canada. He fulfills the constitutional qualifications full stop.

      • ACT if she wanted to do business in Canada, you might have had to take an oath of citizenship. Birth does not guarantee you NATURAL citizenship, never ever has. Citizenship and the qualifications to run for president have been adjudicated to be different. Mitt Romney’s dad was actually doing well, and when the issue of whether he was a NATURAL citizen came up it ended his campaign to be president.

        Also the lying by Ted is going to do him in, granted its harder to pin him down on it due to his mastery of obfuscatory (sic) language, but that coupled with his only recently renouncing his dual citizenship, its going to bite him

        • Birth does not guarantee you NATURAL citizenship, never ever has.

          Cite your source, please, because this appears false on its face. Citizenship by birth is the very essence of natural-born citizenship.

          • No its not, its something that was intended to be someone with no competing loyalties – born to both parents who were natural born, Obama didn’t qualify and neither does Ted

          • Have Cruz show HIS work, or that of his moms. I have done business with Canada and the firm I worked for in the late 70’s and 80’s did work in Canada and its a highly likely probability that his mom was intending to be a permanent citizen until the oil bust wiped her firm out.

          • Yeah, that’s what I thought. I think we’re done here.

          • You have not the slightest clue what you’re babbling about, BPO. “Natural born citizen” is a term taken from English common law, which the Founders were very familiar with, and understood completely. Specifically, it referred in ECL to those born to a British subject parent, in any place on Earth, in or out of the Empire.

    • You’re wrong, Eric. Just like McCain, and Obama for that matter: it makes no difference where any of them were born. All of them were born to mothers who were US citizens. That’s not in question, in any way. LAW AM LAW.

      As to the character issues, eh, you’re entitled to your decidedly odd opinions.

    • I don’t know about most of the “Cruz has flip-flopped” positions you cite. But on the one that I do know something about, ethanol, he hasn’t flip-flopped at all. Rather than summarize the arguments badly here, I’ll just link to Patterico’s summary: he did a much better job than I could.

      As for the “Is Cruz a natural-born citizen?” argument, it boils down to this: what does “natural-born citizen” mean? The natural reading that most people take is “a citizen at birth, without having to take any steps to become a citizen.” The other position cites the old British “natural-born subjects” principle, which said “If you’re born on British soil, you’re a subject of the British crown”, to say that since being born overseas did NOT make you a natural-born subject, neither does it make you a natural-born citizen in the way that the Framers intended the phrase to mean. However, the British law at the time, which the Framers would have known quite well, also held that if you were born overseas as the child of British subjects, you yourself were a “natural-born Subject[] … to all Intents, Constructions, and Purposes whatsoever.” (See for more details).

      So the “natural-born subjects”-based argument falls apart, and anyway, the plain meaning of the statute as understood by most people is “a citizen at birth”. Which Cruz fits — by the immigration & citizenship law in force at the time he was born (as well as the one in force now), he was a citizen at birth by virtue of having one US-citizen parent. So he’s a natural-born citizen, and thus eligible.

      • Cruz flipped flopped on that – I know people are doing severe mental gymnastics over Ted but – he’s toast now – oh he has much worse stuff out there – just wait – the show is about to begin. Also being a citizen at birth to a dual citizenship mother and a non resident father? He may not even be a citizen, also Jacobson of legal insurrection is voicing that questions about Cruz’s citizenship ARE legitimate.

          • No he is not of that conclusion, you are confusing citizenship with the natural citizenship with no competing loyalties test for president they are not the same

          • Cite your source. I cited mine, and it says nothing about “no competing loyalties test” (which doesn’t appear anywhere in the Constitution, by the way).

  3. I doubt that this is a sign that the campaign of a guy outpolling the rest of the field is “in trouble.”

    It’s just FUD – fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Classic sales technique. He is NOT saying that Cruz is not eligible to be President. He is just saying, hey, you got a candidate here with ZERO natural born citizen issues, why color outside the lines?

    There have been a couple of dozen “this is it for Trump” moments so far, and he still leads the pack far and away. I suspect this is not the one, either.

    However, bonus: listening to the MSM defend Cruz is PRICELESS. If Cruz were the nominee, he’s pre vetted on that count, now.

    • You know, given the suspicion that Cruz and Trump are colluding, or at least have a joint non-aggression pact, Trump may be doing Cruz a favor by getting this out there and pre-cleared,

      Trump getting the MSM to defend Cruz – wow, can he make the monkeys dance or what?

      • I would be astonished if Cruz and Trump had planned this. Not because of the Machiavellian nature of it, but because of how well it’s playing out.

  4. I don’t think Trump thinks he’s in trouble.

    I think he’s the kind of guy who’s learned to take care of problems as soon as they come up, before they become large ones.

  5. I agree that it’s unlikely that Trump thinks he’s in trouble. I think he’s just annoyed that he’s probably going to lose the Iowa caucus. He did the birther thing in regard to Obama, too, and muttering lunatics around the country ate it up. It’s not a large demographic, among registered voters.

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