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The Cabin Boy™ has another hearing this morning on a pair of restraining orders in North Carolina.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

Meanwhile, the Cabin Boy™ has spent a good part of the past few hours frothing at the keyboard and writing about filing a petition for a restraining order against me.

The Cabin Boy™ needs to take a deep breath and stop to think how silly this whole comment brouhaha looks. After two years of compliance with his notice to stop contacting him, why would I suddenly comment on his blog? After years of saying that he’s within his rights to write whatever he likes about me as long as he avoids defamation or threats, why would I suddenly say he can’t? The comment doesn’t pass the smell test.

This is clearly another one of his less well thought out schemes. Unless he lies in the petition, I believe that he’ll find it impossible to find anything that I’ve done that would add up to the course of conduct necessary to allow for an TRO or injunction under Wisconsin law.

Ah, and then there’s the problem of Wisconsin law. I’m not in Wisconsin, and lacking the requisite connections to the state, its long arm statute would not provide a Wisconsin court with jurisdiction over me. The Cabin Boy™ knows that’s the case. He raised the same argument in his motion to dismiss Lynn Thomas’s petition. As a matter of fact, I should probably include a copy his motion as an exhibit in my motion to dismiss. That would show that the Cabin Boy™ had filed in bad faith knowing that Wisconsin doesn’t have jurisdiction. That kind of misuse of the courts usually results in sanctions; perhaps I can get my travel expenses and lost billable hours reimbursed. Any trip I have to make to Milwaukee because of a petition filed by the Cabin Boy™ will be very, very costly for him.

By the way, the Cabin Boy seems to think that I have to prove my innocence. I don’t. The way things work is our court system is the plaintiff/petitioner has to prove his case. He has no proof of who sent that comment. He claims someone gave my email address. He has no proof that someone is me. OTOH, the connection logs from my ISP and the web hosting for my email server show that there were no connections made to Schmalfeldt’s blog at anytime near 4:37 pm CT yesterday. The connection logs for my phone and iPad show no such connection as well. That’s just one bit of evidence I could offer. There is more.

Well, he hasn’t filed anything yet. Who knows? He may change his mind after some sober reflection.

33 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

      • Dear brother in Christ John;

        “Sober” reflection. I see what you tried not to do there. That’s too funny.

        And please, try not to use the words “Schmalfeldt” and “smell test” in the same sentence, let alone the same paragraph. I’ll never get that image out of my head.

        Finally, you should know by now what the heart of this matter truly is. Verily, verily I say unto you . . . Bill Schmalfeldt is an imp of Satan, a curmudgeon, a bully with no sense whatsoever of the bounds of moral turptitude.

        When he was a child, he was a jerk. Now that he is a man he is a menace to public society and public safety.

        I think we need a “Pray for Bill Schmalfeldt” day. Seriously.

  1. You might want to request that he save all online activity and logs regarding Mr Hoge and this comment. I’m sure his computer will be a gold mine of evidence that Shaky sent it to himself.

  2. He convened his circle of friends Johnny, Red and Walker to plot his next move

    But he still has a forged book review in my name on one of his numerous failures at literature, his smear books of unbalanced ranting…..

  3. John, don’t you worry about the nut shuffling wonder’s financial state. His accounts are full of the kind of lucre you only get by neglecting your beloved into an early grave. He has the cash award for ranting at his computer screen rather than consult his NIH buddies for help for the woman he was attracted to almost as much as the woman he had an affair with.

    Besides, Shakey will probably just get lazy and join you to Lulzsuit 6; he can do that from the comfort of his tenement rather than try out the heater on the golf cart of doom (it’s red! Vroom vroom!)

    • But we’ve learned that he sees dead people who caution against perjured restraining orders, but are down with vexatious and doomed lulzsuit.

      Even in death, Gail remains quirky!

  4. “Sober.” “Reflection.”

    Really, sir, you might be asking a little too much here…

    I’ve commented before that Bill needs a new and less destructive hobby than screaming at people over the Internet and filing lawsuits. Stamp collecting. Binge watching with Netflix. Video games. Shuffleboard.

    But I don’t think he can quit. There are studies regarding ‘troubled youths’ where the child is so desperate for attention that they act out to get it — because even NEGATIVE attention is better than being ignored. I think Bill has gotten himself stuck in that same crevice.

  5. Yes, Witless Willie can be shown to know a number of things that may warrant sanctions. The limited reach of state long-arm statutes is one. The fact that comment, satire, and parody of (a) public deeds, such as lawsuits, and (b) public utterances on podcasts, Twitter, multiple blogs, and multiple books sold through Amazon cannot possibly constitute an invasion of privacy is another.

    • My bet is that the Milwaukee sheriff couldn’t find anyone to brave the stench of Bill’s “man cave” to serve him with yet a 3rd (or is it 4th?) notice.

  6. I saw this somewhere online: “But still, there’s the problem of my having a comment, on my blog, ostensibly from you, with your name, your avatar, threatening me and my son.”

    Ostensibly is not a synonym for “in my addled brain.” That’s how he’s using it, but I don’t think it means what he thinks it means.

    • So by that logic, one could put a cardboard cutout of John outside his residence with a speech bubble, and that would constitute John visiting his home and yelling at him.

    • So if someone (not Bill) were to create a new WordPress account using BS’s name and a picture of him as the avatar, anything that person might post on any blog using that account is obviously ostensibly from Bill?

      That opens up some interesting possibilities….

  7. “This is clearly another one of his less well thought out schemes.”

    Well… the phrase you’ve used is relative, and his usual scheme has very little thought. So a scheme where he’s had the simple thought “I know, I’ll forge a comment on my blog and report it” might *actually* be one of his most thought out scheme for some time.

    • He announced his intention to steal Krendler’s material for weeks before doing it, so that mudslide of failure was one of his more extensively thought-out schemes.

      Of course, lots of time thinking about something doesn’t say anything about the quality of that thought…

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